Author: Chris Turn

Investor Ryan Hoggan

Investor Ryan Hoggan Shares Predictions For The Future Of NFTs

NFTs are one of the newest pieces of technology on the market, and they’re making waves in every single industry. Experts such as Ryan Hoggan think that NFTs will soon infiltrate every area of the world.  Ryan Hoggan was happy to share his predictions about NFT technology’s future. Ryan Hoggan is an entrepreneur, NFT collector/expert […]

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BarxBuddy Self Cleaning Dog Brush Review

Dog Hair Issues? The BarxBuddy Self-Cleaning Dog Brush Will Save The Day

If your dogs shed as much as mine, then get ready because I’m about to save your allergies and your floors! The BarxBuddy Self-Cleaning Dog Brush is the best brush I have ever used on my pups. It works wonders for brushing, it helps nip shedding in the bud, and best of all, it cleans […]

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