Zach, Tori Roloff Reveal Son Struggling Post-Leg Surgery

Zach Tori Roloff’s 5-year-old son, Jackson, is “having a hard time recovering” following his leg surgery in December 2021 — and his parents are getting concerned.

“There is legitimately something wrong,” Tori, 31, explains during an exclusive clip shared by Entertainment TonightThe Tuesday, June 21st, is the date. Little People, Big World episode. “He isn’t progressing like they said that he would.”

Jackson, who has dwarfism like his dad Zach, 32, previously underwent the procedure last year to correct the bowing in his legs that will hopefully “slow down the growth and allow the bones to even out.” After the little one’s recent complaints of pain, Tori decided the couple would “make sure that there’s no actual structural damage” by checking in with their doctor.

Zach and Tori Roloff are pictured with their son Jackson.
Courtesy Tori Roloff/Instagram

“If something isn’t healing right or growing right, I want to adjust — especially before this new baby comes,” Zach tells his mom, Amy Roloff, in the teaser, adding that the doctors told the couple that Jackson “should be a little bit more back to normal” by now.

TLC personality Zach and all three of his children (Jackson, Tori, and Lilah, 2-month-old daughters of Tori) have achondroplasia. This condition is a form of short limb dwarfism. Zach’s parents, Amy and Matt RoloffHis three siblings, achondroplasia, have the same condition as him.

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Previously, the Pennsylvania native praised Jackson’s progress, exclusively telling Us Weekly in May that “he is doing great. Everything’s great.”

He added that it will take about “four or five years” to see the change in his son’s legs, noting that people often wonder why they still look bowed. “It’s not an overnight fix if you will,” he explained at the time.

Jackson is 5 years old and already starting to recognize his dwarfism. Tori told Use in May that “he’s just now starting to connect with it,” but Zach revealed that sometimes he still doesn’t fully grasp the reality.

“Sometimes he’ll say, like, ‘When I grow up, I’m gonna be tall. Like mama, not you dad,.’ And I’m like, ‘Uh … you’re in for a rude awakening,” he joked.

Jackson’s parents are committed to making Jackson’s journey as enjoyable as possible, regardless of the difficulties.

“I was watching dwarf soccer — a bunch of dwarfs play in a game on YouTube — and [Jackson] goes, ‘Why are those players so short?” Zach recalled to Use. “And he was looking at some fans with the coaching staff. He’s like, ‘Those players are tall, you know?’ And I was like, well, those players have dwarfism. They’re like you and I.’”

Jackson is also adapting to being an older brother after Josiah’s April birth.

The kids “always want to help” their parents with the infant, Tori gushed about her two older children. “Jackson comes in, he doesn’t even say, ‘Good morning, Mom’ anymore. It’s like, ‘How’s Josiah doing?’ He’s very concerned about what he’s doing. It’s really sweet.”

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