You can build the tiny home of your dreams for under $1,500 with this stylish arched cabin kit

If you’ve always wanted to build your own tiny home but are on a limited budget, Arched Cabin’s kit might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Cypress, Texas-based family-owned company delivers metal cabin kits and step-by–step instructions nationwide.

The small business describes its Arched Cabin kits as “efficient, cost-effective, durable, attractive, and easy-to-build.”

A blue and white Arched Cabin with a wooden deck

They are available in multiple sizes and manufactured in Texas before being shipped to the customer’s location. For your kit to arrive, you will only need to wait between four and eight weeks from the date of order.

As for the price, you won’t have to shell out that much. You can have your own 64-square-foot cabin starting at $1,440

You might not want to live alone in a home. ThatThe cabin is small enough to be used as a workshop, office, RV shelter, retirement home or student housing. There are many options!

An Arched Cabin being built

But if you’re willing to spend more, you can also opt for their 1,200 square-foot model, which retails for around $23,800.

According to the website, each cabin kit comes with a “build manual, floor plates, ribs, ridge beam, standard R13 insulation for the arched walls, galvalume color metal roof paneling, color matched ridge cap, rubber trim, foam inserts to use by the end caps, and color coordinated fasteners needed to assemble the cabin.”

However, keep in mind that the kit doesn’t include the foundation, installation, interior, end caps, or delivery.

The company also offers DIY options like a color upgrade for the roofing panels. Clients have the option to choose from 23 colors, as well as an insulation upgrade to R25 on the arched walls.

The advantage of an Arched Cabin is the speed at which you can build it and the flexibility to customize it to your specific needs. Here’s an example of how one can look inside. 

The inside of an Arched Cabin

The business prides itself on being “green.” Arched Cabins uses a Super Span roof paneling made from 32-50% recycled steel. It also comes with a warranty of 40 years.

The company encourages alternative energy and so they designed their cabins so that they can collect water.

For energy conservation, every cabin is equipped with minimum R13 insulation.

The cabin’s design is very efficient, and it can be easily heated and cooled with window units, wood-burning stoves, and mini-split systems.

If you encounter any difficulty in building an Arched Cabin, you can directly contact the company’s build team, who are ready to answer any questions you may have.

A white Arched Cabin during winter

An Arched Cabin is designed to be built over concrete slabs or basements. The company offers steel embeds that can be placed on top of concrete before it is welded.

If you can’t pay for a kit upfront, you’d be glad to know about Arched Cabins’ friendly payment terms. The company requires a 50% downpayment when placing an order. The remaining 50% must be paid one week before the truck leaves for delivery.

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You can see more Arched Cabins from all over the US in the gallery below.

An Arched Cabin with a wooden deck
A green Arched Cabin
A light green Arched Cabin
A white Arched Cabin during the winter
The inside of an Arched Cabin
A white Arched Cabin in the middle of a farm where a horse is grazing
A blue Arched Cabin with a wooden deck
A blue Arched Cabin

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