Would Naomi Watts Join BF Billy Crudup on ‘The Morning Show’?

Costar couple comeback? Naomi Watts isn’t totally opposed to making a cameo on boyfriend Billy Crudup’s The Morning Show.

The Mulholland DriveExclusively told by actress, 54 Us Weekly on Monday, October 3, that she is unsure about appearing on the hit AppleTV+ series, noting that she hadn’t “really thought about that” ahead of season 3.

“It’s a great show and I have a lot of great friends on that show, including Billy,” Watts said while promoting her new brand Stripes, which is a beauty and wellness brand designed for women going through menopause. “But, yeah, I don’t know.”

The Oscar nominee, who has been seeing her 54-year old beau since 2005 Gypsy costar since 2017, revealed that she is “about to get busy” on a show of her own for FX. She said UseShe will be working closely with writers Gus Van SantAnd Jon Robin BaitzProducer Ryan MurphyYou can find out more about the project.

While the Watcher star doesn’t have plans to act alongside Crudup — who plays Cory Ellison on the Jennifer AnistonAnd Reese Witherspoon-led drama — at the moment, she did recently spend her birthday with her beau.

Billy Crudup in “The Morning Show.”
Apple TV+

“I had just a quiet dinner on the actual birthday because it was on a Wednesday,” Watts told Usereferring to her September 28 celebration. “Just a school night with the kids and Billy. I also had some friends over for the weekend. [for]Drinks and food. It was lovely.”

The King KongActress, who shares her 15-year-old son Sasha and her 13 year old daughter Kai with ex Liev SchreiberStripes, her menopause beauty brand and wellness brand, has been taking up most of her time to prepare for its October launch.

“I wanted to create a line that really spoke to women at this phase of their lives, not just in the bottle sense but in the whole holistic approach to help them feel seen,” Watts exclusively told UsShe is excited about her new venture. “Because my mom always talked about this feeling of, ‘I’m invisible, because my reproductive life is over,’ and that’s just not OK.”

The Diana star revealed that there is a “valuable place in society for everyone,” including women who are entering menopause, have hit their 50s and are still wanting to thrive.

“We’re still here, we’re still able to bounce back. And, really, we wanted for a woman to feel like they can take ownership of this time in their life and embrace it with vibrancy and pride,” Watts explained. “No shame, no stigma and no confusion, because frankly there have been so many different conflicting theories, and still to this day, when I ask certain doctors the same question, they’ll have different viewpoints.”

The entrepreneur noted that she also wanted to help women “tap into your community” and have a support system through this next phase of life.

“That was very clear to me to speak to the invisible part, that there was no community that was really open to discuss it. And as women, we do have those places throughout the pain points in our lives or the fearful points, whether it’s fertility or birth or once the baby’s come,” she continued. “We’re always in need of each other in those points, and we rely on those. … We always come together in those moments. Why do we abandon each other? [at menopause]? It is a huge part of the story. If the story’s not there, it does feel like we’ve been given the message [that] ‘This is the end. You should be invisible. You should be disappearing.’”

Stripes launches Tuesday, October 18. More information about the brand is available here.

Hannah Kahn reporting