Woman Refuses To Cover Christmas Shifts For Coworkers With Kids, Sheds Light On Dilemmas Of Working Parents

A woman in her early 20s is asking the people of Reddit, “Am I The A**hole for not covering shifts of coworkers with kids on Christmas?”

While some people can’t even imagine missing Christmas morning with their kids, there are tons of people in the workforce that miss Christmas, birthdays, and other important events and holidays every year. 

This situation has a lot more to it. It sheds some light onto the dilemmas of working parents as well as the expectations of their childless coworkers. @u/Caffeinated_Tragedy, whom we’ll call Kristy, is the original poster that faced some backlash at work. She works in healthcare, and her work’s policy is that employees work every other Christmas.

According to the post Kristy worked last Christmas (the 23rd to 26th) and was looking forward to taking time off to relax with her family. However, her inability to have children made her an easy target for her coworkers.

Unfair Expectations

After Kristy’s work’s holiday schedule came out, she stated she was approached by several coworkers with young children who asked her if she could cover their Christmas shifts. Kristy declined, knowing that her holiday shifts would not be covered by the same coworkers in 2022. Kristy didn’t want three Christmases consecutively. Apparently this didn’t go over well.

“Seeing the annoyance of coworkers when I declined [to switch]This made me feel both frustrated and bad. I know that Christmas is a time when everyone wants to be with their children, but I also want to be with my loved ones. So I’m wondering… [Am I in the wrong] for saying no to working Christmas if I don’t have kids?”

Reddit’s Response

Reddit’s users were unanimously in support of the original poster. One commenter stated, “You worked it last year and your vacation plans are just as important as those with kids. You did your part and now it’s someone else’s turn.”

Another posterPeople with kids learn how to celebrate holidays, and even start traditions, when work gets in the path. “My mom was a nurse and often had to work Christmas day. And guess what… we survived! We still had our Christmas day celebration, just on another day.”

Another commenterFor Kristy who is having a difficult time, I suggested that Kristy receive tough love from her coworkers. “You should remember that it’s not OK for them to guilt you about it. They decided to work the same job you did, they just don’t want the same rules to apply to them because they have kids. If they don’t want to have to work Christmas the only real option is to find a place that doesn’t make them or to convince your company to change its policy.”

The Difficulties of Working Parents

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It’s no secret that working parents and mothers, in particular, have a difficult time balancing work and family life. Even in 2020, when many people started working from home and many schools were distant, working mothers reported. burnoutfatigue. Single mothers and those without support are also more burdened.

If a mother finds a job that is financially stable, and provides for her family’s needs (i.e. They will likely remain at the job they love, regardless of whether they are expected to take holidays. They should not be expected to work holidays. Find a job opportunityIt is absurd. It might be possible in the end.

Coworkers Shouldn’t Suffer

Seeing your kiddo’s face light up on Christmas morning is magical. However, learning that you won’t be able to see it this year doesn’t mean that your coworkers should suffer. It also doesn’t mean the coworkers with kids shouldn’t ask (It is a beautiful placeTo switch shifts, you can use the following: There’s no harm in trying to switch, it’s the audacity to think that your wants are more important than your coworkers.

When someone acts entitled or annoyed when they don’t get their way, all bets are off. It’s doubtful that a coworker would do you a favor at any other time when you take out your frustrations at them, whether it’s a holiday or not. Keep in mind that even people without children are still human beings. PeopleWith families, parents, and LivesIt is crucial.

One commenter put it well, “They had a whole year to plan accordingly. I don’t have any children, but I value my time with family around the holidays. My family has young children that I enjoy watching grow up. A coworker’s choice to have kids doesn’t trump others’ desire to enjoy their free time.”

Holdiay Policies

There will always exist jobs that require you to work on the weekends. There will always be jobs that require you to be available 24 hours a day, especially in the healthcare and human services fields. Holiday pay is a major perk for working during holidays, and some people may even prefer it over the hustle and bustle.

Overall, Kristy is not an a**hole for keeping her holiday vacation working parents aren’t necessarily horrible for asking her to switch. It’s important to keep your attitude in check and be gracious, especially during the holidays.

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