Why the Sudden Hunter Biden Epiphany at Washington Post?

Just when you thought the Hunter Biden scandals were dead in darkness, The Washington Post published over 6,300 words March 30 admitting that a significant fraction of his laptop contents were authentic.

Why not now? Why not last yea? Why did liberal outlets assume that every person expressing concern about Biden is a Trump-loving kook?”

NewsBusters reported that the morning and evening newscasts on the broadcast network went 260 consecutive days without Hunter Biden. It was actually more like 11 months silence at ABC. These networks were the ones that obsessively focused on a single failed meeting Donald Trump Jr. hosted at Trump Tower in 2016 to discuss Hillary Clinton’s negative information.

The one consistent thread in the liberal media’s approach was the notion that all attempts to dig up negative information on Democrats during a campaign are a scandal. However, all attempts to find negative information about Republicans during a campaign are the best and brightest journalism.

Suddenly, the Post reported that Steve Bannon associate Jack Maxey had given it a hard drive from Biden’s laptop contents in June of last year. Maxey said to the London Daily Mail that it was accidentally deleted by the Post. He provided it again in October. So, it looks like it wasn’t overly eager to confirm the documents, certainly not in the way it confirmed the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” tape contents in one afternoon.

The Post also failed to acknowledge the truth in a Republican Sens report. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin in 2020 on the Biden family’s secretive deals in Communist China. We’re now told that “a Washington Post review confirmed many of the key details and found additional documents showing Biden family interactions with Chinese executives.”

Over 14 months, Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC China Energy paid $4.8 million to Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden. How many news anchors have spoken about James Biden in the past 14 months?

This package included a $1million retainer for Hunter Biden to help Patrick Ho, a corrupt CEFC official under investigation for a multimillion dollar scheme to bribe leaders in Chad and Uganda. Ho was later convicted, but the Post reported that Hunter Biden “appeared to have little role representing Ho in the federal case.”

Hence, the million-dollar question.

On this report, the Post in September 2020 sounded like a partisan bulletinboard. It began one story by reporting Grassley and Johnson “revived attacks” on Joe Biden’s son and “argued his position with a Ukrainian energy company was ‘problematic,’ but the report did not show that it influenced the then-vice president’s behavior or changed the Obama administration’s policy toward Ukraine.”

It doesn’t use this “no proof” standard as it obsesses over every leak from the Jan. 6 congressional kangaroo court.

The Post sounds like an attorney when it reports on Trump’s scandals. It has also routinely sounded just like defense lawyers on the Biden family money-raking.

The obvious gossip about why the Post and The New York Times would suddenly accept and confirm the reality of Hunter Biden’s laptop is because they’ve heard that the Justice Department has confirmed its reality, and they don’t want to look ridiculous if federal charges are lobbed in the probe of Hunter Biden’s finances.

Maybe, just maybe these papers should show respect for the New York Post’s reporting of reality in real time.


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