Why Mark Wahlberg’s Faith Makes Him Regret ‘Boogie Nights’

Despite the 1997 film Boogie NightsBeing nominated for Academy Awards and receiving positive reviews, Mark Wahlberg believes it’s a lower point in his acting career. According to Wahlberg, his faith and devotion to the Catholic church have caused him to reconsider the acting gigs he takes on. Find out why Wahlberg regrets his part in Boogie NightsHis faith and how it influences his life today. 

Mark Wahlberg Regrets Starring In ‘Boogie Nights’? 

Interview with Chicago IncMark Wahlberg revealed he’s made a few mistakes in his acting career. In fact, the Ted star admitted he’s asked God for forgiveness after starring in particularly raunchy films. “I just always hope that God is a movie fan and also forgiving because I’ve made some poor choices in my past,” Wahlberg said.

After being asked if he’d ever prayed for forgiveness after taking specific acting roles, Wahlberg revealed, “Boogie Nights is up there at the top of the list.” In the film, Wahlberg played a porn star, Dirk Diggler, in the 1997 classic. Wahlberg won a Screen Actors Guild best ensemble nomination. Boogie NightsHe is still at a low point in the course of his career.

According to Wahlberg, he’d never take on a similar role like the one he portrayed in Boogie NightsIt could reflect poorly on his family. “I don’t know if that would make my wife all that comfortable,” Wahlberg admitted. To conclude, Wahlberg noted he doesn’t “want to compromise” his “artistic integrity or choices” based on his faith. However, The Other Guys star said he’s “a little bit older and a little wiser” now when it comes to the roles he takes. 

How Mark Wahlberg’s Faith Impacts His Life 

Mark Wahlberg is open about his faith when it comes to religion how the Catholic church turned his life around for the better. “My faith has given me everything?” Wahlberg explained. In fact, the actor stated his faith helped improve every aspect of his life; acting, work ethic, family life, and marriage. When asked how his faith has helped strengthen his family relationships, Wahlberg said, “I dedicate myself every day to their happiness and well-being.” 

In addition to his wife and kids, Wahlberg’s faith has also helped him maintain a consistent work ethic. “I tell my kids that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish if they’re willing to do the work,” Wahlberg said. Obviously, Wahlberg’s faith has assisted him greatly, as he’s acted and produced several successful films, including Invincible, Patriots Day? Instant Family, and many others.