Why I Removed My David Beckham Tattoo


Setting the record straight. Victoria BeckhamRecently, split speculation was raised when she removed a tattoo from her husband. David Beckham’s initials from her wrist.

Thursday, October 13th, the former Spice Girl, 48 explained on Today with Hoda & Jenna​​ the “simple” reason she got her ink lasered off. “You know I had these tattoos a long, long time ago and they just weren’t particularly delicate,” she explained. “Mine were just a little bit thick and bleeding and just not looking as pretty.”

The fashion designer admitted that fans were questioning her relationship with the soccer icon, 47. She has been married to him since 1999. She explained this to cohost Hoda Koch, however, “I was just a bit sick of the tattoo, it’s as simple as that.”

Her eldest son, Brooklyn, got married as an actress Nicola PeltzKotb, 58 asked the former pop star for her wisdom in April. “It’s about being a close family. And having the lines of communication always open, and just being there.” She added, “You can never really offer advice, you know, the kids have to figure it out themselves.”

The Victoria Beckham designer also spoke out about her Paris Fashion Week show. She shared how happy she felt. “My first big show in Paris felt like such a triumph. I mean it really, really was and I said to myself, in the middle of the pandemic,’ she said. “I’m lucky enough to do another show I’m gonna really, really enjoy it.”

She added, “My ultimate dream has been to build a luxury fashion and beauty house of the future and I’m really, really on this journey and loving it.”

Not only does the mom of four — she shares Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11 with David – have a passion for fashion, but she also loves everything beauty-related, which is why she started her makeup line, Victoria Beckham Beauty. “I’m obsessed with makeup,” she gushed. “I’m just creating what I’ve never been able to find in my makeup bag.”

Her focus for the beauty brand, she explained, is on “sustainability, inclusivity, and clean formulas.”

The company is committed to using “environmentally responsible ingredients,” substitutes plastic when they can for brass packing, uses recyclable or recycled materials for shipping boxes and also has an innovative recycling program where her brand helps collect “hard-to-recycle beauty products and diverts them from landfills to find the highest and best use for all materials.”

She specifically mentioned her Kajal eyeliners, which come in three dazzling shades: Night Flash, Gold Lamé and Sequin Green and retail for $30 each.