WHAT?! U.S Supreme Court Makes LANDMARK Decision On Transgender Bathroom Use

The Obama Administration continues to make executive decisions to win victory after victory for the LGBT community, but the U.S. Supreme Court has just rebuked him in a major way.


According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been an ongoing legal battle in Virginia over whether a particular female student who self-identifies as male — but is still biologically female — is allowed to use the boys bathroom. In April, a court granted her permission, but the local school board opposed the decision and appealed it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Gloucester County School Board said, “For decades, our nation’s schools have structured their facilities and programs around the sensible idea that in certain intimate settings men and women may be separated ‘to afford members of each sex privacy from the other sex.’”

According to breaking news ReutersThe U.S. Supreme Court sided with the school board and prevented the female student from using a boys bathroom.

We will see what the outcome of this decision is and whether it will serve as a precedent for other states that reject the Obama Administration’s rules to allow transgender students to use all locker rooms and restrooms.

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