What went right this week: India’s plastic ban, plus more positive news

Launch of the new issue of Positive news

As the new issue arrived, the gentle thud of Positive News magazine landing upon doormats rang out throughout the UK (and beyond). 

As ever, the latest mag is packed with uplifting stories and inspirational people, including the ‘gleaners’ who are putting surplus crops to good use.

The radical recruitment company that makes society more egal, the sailboat that helps boost mental health, as well as the boom in community growers, who transform overlooked spaces into veg garden plots. 

“The stories in this issue show the power of what can be achieved with the simple tools available to all of us: some grit, some compassion and a vision to change things for the better,” said acting editor Daisy Greenwell. 

Image: Positive News
Main image: Kyran Low