Unemployed Husband Says Wife Should Stop Buying Formula Instead Of Canceling Netflix She Pays For

Yes, that headline is correct. A woman turned to Reddit because she’s contemplating canceling her husband’s streaming services. Her decision is based on the fact that streaming services take a large chunk of their monthly budget. Her husband, an unemployed man, is opposed to this idea. He has suggested other, completely absurd ways of cutting their monthly budget. 

The story goes that the wife worked and the husband was unemployed, but now stays home with the children. The couple have a toddler and a nine month-old. The husband left his previous job “due to issues with his employer.” According to the post, he looked for another job but wasn’t able to find one in his field. He’s also refusing to work in a Similar field, saying his dignity won’t let him because he worked hard for his degree.

However, he is still contributing to his family by staying home with his children. His wife suggested that he cancel all streaming services (up to $80/month) and just keep the kids’ television. OneHe was shocked and reacted strongly to the announcement. He stated that the streaming services were a “right and not a privilegedue to the fact that he stays home with the kids, and that being a stay-at-home parent is “taxing, just like [the wife’s] job.” 

Yes, it is difficult to be a stay-at-home parent.

We don’t want to debate the difficulties of being a stay at-home parent. People who have done both. Learn moreDiscuss the challenges of being both a working parent or a stay at-home parent. Commenters agreed that it was difficult to be a parent who stays home. One commenter stated, “When one partner stays home for purposes of childcare they are providing a service with an inherent value. He can provide that service regardless of whether or not he is employed. It is possible to do so.However, this does not mean that the service has no value. This belief that stay-at home parents don’t provide financial benefits to their families must be dispelled. They do.”

The woman tried to have a conversation with her husband about ways to cut down on expenses. He had many absurd ideas, but only one was true. He suggested that she cancel streaming services instead. Stop buying baby formula and “go back to breastfeeding” their nine-month-old. He stated that baby formula was “unnecessary and expensive.”

However relactation can happen, it’s completely shocking that he would suggest it. Breastfeeding is a personal choice. The woman stated that she stopped breastfeeding “due to health issues.” And, even when she stopped originally he didn’t support her decision. He even told her to “push past the pain to provide real benefits to their son.” There are so many things wrong with his mindset, but I’ll let the Reddit commenters handle the reactions.

“He is prioritizing his entertainment over the routine feeding of his child. If you haven’t breastfed in a while, you can’t exactly just jump back into it and produce enough to feed your baby,” one commenter said.

“I’m saying this as a man whose wife is the breadwinner (though I do work)” claimed another user. “If she asked me to cancel any of my subscriptions, I would without hesitation if I knew she was struggling.”

“Your husband needs a lesson in ‘wants vs needs.’ We NEED shelter, food, utilities, etc. Streaming services? That’s a WANT. Your husband sounds selfish. If he wants the streaming crap so bad, he can drive for Uber/Lyft when you get home and pay for it himself,” a user suggested.

Who’s In The Wrong?

Ok, not a real question. It’s obvious who is in the wrong here. We can only assume that this was an ignorant response by the husband and not indicative for their whole relationship. If this is the case, our storyteller might consider cancelling more streaming services than they offer.