Tyler Stanaland Flirted With Me

He said, she said. Kayla CardonaWas accused of trying to kiss Brittany Snow’s husband, Tyler Stanaland during season 1 of Selling the OC — and the costars certainly have different takes on their relationship.

“I’m not gonna flirt with someone if I don’t feel like I’m getting flirt[ed]With the back. If I know that someone is definitely not interested — I have a lot more confidence in myself than to just throw myself at someone for no reason,” Kayla exclusively told Us WeeklyWednesday, August 31. “I was definitely feeling the reciprocation back and, you know, multiple times. But nothing has ever happened.”

The single mom added that everyone at the agency was “flirting with everyone” during the “drunken night” out. “We’re all very strong personalities. We all flirt with each other,” she said.

Kayla Cardona & Tyler Stanaland
Courtesy Kayla Cardona/Instagram; Tyler Golden/Netflix

Tyler, on his part, said Use that he “can’t speak for Kayla,” but doesn’t believe he was leading her on.

“I can say that as a group, collectively, you know, it kind of felt like summer camp vibes,” he said. “It really felt like brother, sister vibes in most of our opinions. It never felt that way, but I can’t speak for her.”

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He added that there is “no comparison” when it comes to Kayla’s attempt to kiss him and his relationships with Alex Hall(who gave him a nosey a.k.a. putting your mouth over someone’s nose and exhaling) and Polly Brindle(She stripped down on the shore after she lost a wager).

“It wasn’t one specific incident [when it comes to Kayla]. It was kind of a series of events,” Tyler told Use. “You see in the show, people calling other cast members hypocrites, but it really was enough that there’s no comparison and [it’s]Something that had to be dealt, and something that was captured on camera even though it was off-camera. It was enough that there is no comparison between anything else that happened.”

Looking back, we can see that the former surfer, who later married the Pitch Perfect actress in 2020, admitted that he should’ve said something to Kayla sooner.

“We would go out as a cast and sometimes certain things would happen that weren’t specifically just toward me, but because I was married, was something that should have been addressed earlier,” he explained. “I was just trying to brush it under the rug and not have office drama and ignore that those actions were even being attempted. I think it was a big lesson for all of us — communication is key and sometimes dealing with it sooner than later is more beneficial.”

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