Truss to name top team

The new Conservative party leader, Liz Truss is expected to  announce her new Cabinet later today.

After a lengthy leadership race, Truss was victorious yesterday after beating Rishi Sunak by  81,326 votes to 60,399.

Kwasi Kwarteng will be the new Chancellor. James Cleverly will replace Truss as Foreign secretary, Suella Braverman will become Home Secretary, and Nadhim Zhawi will move to the Cabinet Office.

These predictions are accurate and it will be the first ever time that no white man is in the top four government positions.


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Priti Patel (Nigel Adams), Nadine Dories and Nadine Durries are all expected to leave the cabinet. Dorries had been offered the chance of staying in her post, but she decided to leave the government.

It is believed that Truss spent some time yesterday talking to people who were not going to be serving in her Cabinet.

Rishi Sunak, her former rival in leadership, is not expected be offered a job. The former chancellor told the BBC a few weeks ago that the cabinet was “not something I’m thinking about”, and some allies suggested he would prefer to remain on the backbenches in case Truss’s leadership implodes.

The Civil Service has already scheduled meetings to meet with the new ministers. These meetings will be held today and tomorrow, before the public announcement.

Boris Johnson will officially resign today to the Queen at Balmoral, and Truss is expected to visit the monarch shortly thereafter for official confirmation.

The new prime minister will then travel to London to address the nation. She will then put the final touches to her first government.

The ‘prime minister-elect’ is expected to announce plans for an energy bill price freeze on Thursday.

One in seven people thinks Liz Truss will make a better Prime Minister then Boris Johnson. Yesterday’s Yougov poll showed that 14% think Truss will do better than Johnson, and 27% believe she will do worse.