Trump’s Site Truth Social Has Been Banning Users Over Posts on Jan. 6 Hearings

Users on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s social media platform, are reporting that they’ve been banned from the site over their commentaries relating to the January 6 select committee’s investigation into the 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

Users had their accounts removed because they discussed the public hearings. Variety reported. The hearings began last Wednesday and have so far been concluded It was highlighted how Trump and his aides attempted a coupTo overturn the outcome in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump founded Truth Social after he was banned by several social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Trump claimed that the site would “be a voice for all,” and a haven for “free speech,” and vowed that the platform would be unfettered by the rules that other private companies have put in place to limit harassment or calls for violence.

In practice however, Truth Social has been more restrictive than other sites in its operationsThis is especially true when it comes to banning users because of their political opinions. Many users recently pointed out that mentioning the January 6 hearings in their “truths” — what Truth Social calls posts on the site, similar to “tweets” on Twitter — has resulted in their suspensions.

“My Truth Social account was just permanently suspended for talking about the January 6th Committee hearings,” wrote Travis Allen, a security analyst.

“I was suspended from Truth Social for posting about the January 6th hearing last night. Donald Trump is scared of free speech,” said Jack CocchiarellaA user who describes himself as a Democratic Digital Strategist.

Truth Social is a bastion for free speech principles. These terms of service may not be in line with your expectations, allowing managers of the site to ban “any person for any reason or no reason” whatsoever.

Users have also reportedThat merely criticizing the former presidentTheir accounts were banned. These bans are not only for progressive users. Far right conservatives who posted anti-Trump sentiments have also been banned. claimed that they’ve also faced suspecion.

Since its launch in January, Truth Social has been banning users. Days after the platform launched, comedian Matt Ortega, who ran parody handles on the site and on Twitter purporting to be former Republican congressman Devin Nunes’s cow, He was expelled almost immediately after signing up. (Nunes, who unsuccessfully sued Ortega for defamation, manages Truth Social’s parent company.)

“I may be the first officially ‘cancelled’ Truth Social user,” Ortega said upon his suspension.