Trump Calls Jan. 6 Committee’s Request to Speak With Ivanka “Very Unfair”

Donald Trump, former President, slammed the House Select Committee on January 6 Attack for its request to speak to his daughter and former White House adviser Ivanka Trump.

The January 6 Commission’s request for information is voluntary. Ivanka Donald has not yet been served a subpoena or requiring her speak.

Nevertheless, Trump described the situation as “very unfair,” and said the commission consisted of “vicious people” for daring to ask his daughter to speak with them.

Ivanka Trump was an official aide to her father during his presidency. She was at the White House on the day that the Capitol was attacked and razed by a mob made up of Trump loyalists. Shortly after, the former president delivered an incendiary address telling them to “fight like hell” or they “[wouldn’t] have a country anymore.”

The select committee wants Ivanka Trump to talk about A scheme for the Electoral College that Donald Trump’s campaign wanted to use and the former president’s actions during the Capitol breach.

“Given Ms. Trump’s presence in the White House on January 6th, the Select Committee is seeking her knowledge about the former President’s actions related to the deployment of the National Guard to respond to the violence,” According to a press release issued by the commission.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D.Mississippi), the chair of the Commission, elaborated on the request. She stated that they wanted to know if Trump blocked or ignored requests to quell an attack.

“The Committee has identified no evidence that President Trump issued any order, or took any other action, to deploy the guard that day,” Thompson stated this in his letter to Ivanka Donald. “Nor does it appear that President Trump made any calls at all to the Department of Justice or any other law enforcement agency to request deployment of their personnel to the Capitol.”

The committee also wants to speak with Ivanka about her father’s “state of mind” during the attack, Thompson added.

Notably, the former president was not as protective of his adult children as his opponents. Two weeks before Election Day in October 2020, there was a new election. Trump demanded that Attorney General William Barr investigate Joe Biden’s sonHunter Biden has been accused of making allegations in a highly disputed article that was published in The New York Post At the time.

“We have got to get the attorney general to act. He’s got to act, and he’s got to act fast,” Trump said.