Trick-or-treaters drop their own Halloween candy in empty bowl for other kids to enjoy

Many children find Halloween so exciting because they get to collect as much candy on Halloween as possible.

It’s not just about the costumes, but the best part of the night is walking through the neighborhood to trick-or treat with friends.

For a trio trick-or-treaters from Rhode Island, however, it was worth the risk to find a vacant bowl on a neighbor’s porch.

A porch with a bowl of treats for Halloween

Kristen Wells left a bag of treats on her front porch as she took her children trick-or-treating. Hoping to make it fair for all the children, she left a note on the front door with the instructions, “Please take 2. Leave the rest for a guest. Happy Halloween!”

According to a Facebook photo, the bowl was nearly full of chocolate bars. She noticed something odd in the nearly empty candy bowl when she returned home that evening.

Kids in posing for a photo in their Halloween costumes
via Lisa Kitchen

“We were going in the house, I looked in the bowl [and]There were a few pieces. It wasn’t any of the type of candy that we have, so I’m like confused like, ‘How did this get here?’” she told WJAR-TV.

Kristin was a Ring doorbell user and decided to review the footage in order to solve the mystery. She was sad to see children eat too many candy from the bowl. But she was hopeful when three boys did something kind.

Three trick-or-treaters looking at an empty candy bowl on a neighborhood porch

The trio took out candy from their bags and dropped it in the empty bowl for the other children to enjoy.

As they debated what to do, you can hear their hilarious banter. At first, the boys decided to turn the bowl upside down so that others would know it was empty—until one of the kids came up with a better solution.

“Guys, we should put some candy there … for other trick-or-treaters,” said Jack Bringer. One of his friends was hesitant to accept the suggestion. The other agreed and they took some sweets from their pockets and dropped them in the bowl.

After witnessing too many children eat more than two candies, and hearing some not-so-nice stories of kids eating entire bowls of candy, it was refreshing to see the generosity of these kids.

Three trick-or-treaters putting their own candy on an empty candy bowl

Kristin wanted the trio to be identified and recognized so she posted the story on Facebook, along with a picture of the trick or treaters, in the hope that someone would recognize their costumes.

“I’d love to send the video to their parents and maybe get permission to share the video,” Kristin wrote in her post. “After all the posts I’ve seen about kids taking entire bowls, I think even more that this story needs to be shared.”

The post reached the kids’ parents, and they granted Kristin permission to share the video on Facebook. The footage caught the attention even of the local news station, who asked to interview the boys.

Jackson Panciera and Jack Bringer (both 10 years old) and Andrew Kitchen (11 years old) talked to WJAR regarding that Halloween night.

Three boys who filled a candy bowl with their own treats after they saw it was empty
H/t: WJAR TV| h/t: WJAR-TV

“We walk up, none of us looked down at the bowl yet, we all just standing there reading the sign to ourselves and then we all looked down at the exact same time and we’re like — ‘There was nothing’,” Andrew recalled.

“We started to walk away and then [Jack] says, ‘You know, we should put some candy in there for other trick-or-treaters’.”

What inspired them to share their sweets together?

“I was like, ‘Guys, we should put in candy because there could be other trick-or-treaters that could come by,” said Jack. “Honestly, we’re all done with COVID and candy is the best thing we could do to help everyone.”

We could all use a little happiness, especially after what we’ve been through, and these generous boys surely gave us that!

Here’s the sweet moment caught on camera.

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