Trevor Donovan Could Be a ‘Dark Horse’ on ‘DWTS’

Taking stock of the competition Sasha FarberPairs well with Selma BlairFor season 31 Dancing With the StarsHowever, he believes that several other couples could offer them a better deal.

“There are definitely a lot of dark horses, and Trevor [Donovan] came in this competition being afraid to dance,” the ballroom pro, 38, exclusively told Us WeeklyTuesday, October 4. “That’s, like, the main thing you wouldn’t do if you’re afraid to dance, is do a dance show. And he’s firing on all cylinders. He’s doing phenomenal.”

The Burn the FloorAn alum thinks, too Charli D’AmelioHer partner, Mark BallasThe pair to watch in the coming season is, “There’s a growth that’s coming,” Farber told Us. “Charli is so young, and she’s maturing every week, which is amazing — which means they’re on the right path.”

The TikTok star, 18, is a trained dancer, but according to Farber, that kind of background doesn’t always translate to a win on DWTS. “The best dancer doesn’t always win,” he explained. “It’s a race, and it’s long. It’s a marathon. So, I think everyone has their own little advantages and disadvantages.”

Trevor Donovan and Sasha Farber
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The Russian-born dancer noted that D’Amelio’s age could be a disadvantage — but it could also make her adaptable. “She’s young … so it’s gonna be hard for her to show the feeling, the emotion,” he told Use. “That’s gonna be one great thing that she’s gonna learn on the show.”

Despite all the healthy competition, Farber, 50, and Blair, 50, have been having a blast in the ballroom, even though the Cruel IntentionsStar dances while fighting multiple sclerosis. Blair was blindfolded while the duo performed the rumba on Monday, October 3.

“It was helping me to block out some of the noise,” the Legally BlondeAfter the performance, actress explained. “I do get real sensory overload and shut my eyes a lot, so this was a gift. But also, it can be quite disorienting but really thrilling, and I loved it and I love Sasha.”

Farber, on the other hand, explained that he had thought of the blindfold during rehearsal after noticing how Blair often closes her eyes while practising. “I wanted to make her feel as comfortable as I possibly can on the dance floor, and we gave it a whirl,” he said. “It worked. It was a gamble, and I’m so proud of her.”

After the season premiere, Farber’s estranged wife, Emma Slater, told reporters that Blair’s first performance on the Disney+ series brought her to tears. “To look at her and to say she’s an inspiration is an understatement,” the U.K. native, 33, said in September. “She is just magical to me.”

After four years of marriage Farber and the professional dancer called it quits on August. The Mamma Mia!Star is paired with Donovan, 43.

“They’re pros and won’t let their personal life get in the way of DWTS,” an insider told Use of Farber and Slater in August, adding that the duo will “continue to work together as professional dancers.”

Dancing With the StarsAirs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Disney+ ET.

Christina Garibaldi reports