Tony Romo’s Bad Joke About Gisele Bundchen Has People Upset

Tony RomoHe quickly rose to be one of the best NFL color commentators. His strange ability to call plays before they happen is what makes him stand out, but his comments are not the best. He should have been celebrating a lifetime achievement. Tom BradyRomo chose to be objective Gisele Bundchen instead. Here’s what happened.

600th Touchdown

Here’s the list of every single quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw 600 touchdown passes: Tom Brady. That’s it, that’s the entire list. Number 600 went to Mike Evans who didn’t know about the accomplishment. He used to give the ball to a fan wearing a jersey. This was a problem.

Brady naturally wanted the ball to be a souvenir. But now, a fan wanted it. Officials from Buccaneers immediately started negotiating to get it back. Here’s where Romo stuck his foot in his mouth. Romo, mimicking the fan and official, claimed that Bundchen was the key in the negotiation.

Romo says, obviously as a crude joke, that the fan would like “a date with Gisele. A date with Gisele and I’m in.” He followed up from the Bucs employee, “OK, Tom will do it. One time, you got it.” Some viewers were immediately put off by Romo’s insinuation that Brady should pimp out his wife.

She’s A Legend

Bundchen’s accomplishments can fill a Wikipedia page. They do, in fact. She’s won awards for philanthropy, and even represented her home country of Brazil at the Olympics opening ceremony. She’s every bit as accomplished as Brady, just in different fields. Romo’s joke relegated her to the level of one of Brady’s Super Bowl rings. It was stupid and embarrassing. whole league look bad.

They Don’t Seem To Care

That being said, it doesn’t look like Brady or Bundchen were offended at all. Neither has commented on Romo’s statement, so it doesn’t look like they care. Brady was just psyched to get the ball back, and tweeted “let’s get this guy a Bitcoin.” The fan was given a slew of autographed memorabilia, though the ball may have earned him over six figures.

Romo doesn’t engage with social media that much, so his silence is hardly damning or out of character. This joke was low-hanging fruit but it would be quite shocking if Romo ended up haunted in any way.