Tony Danza’s Friends Worried He’s Suffering Life-Threatening Health Crisis?

It is Tony DanzaAre you on the brink of your death? One report says his friends are worried that he’s in the midst of a serious health crisis. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Fret Over Frail Photos’

According to the National EnquirerDanza’s friends are shocked by shocking new photos. “I’ve never seen him look so feeble,” one insider says. “He’s always been the picture of health — and now he looks like he should be in the hospital.” His friends are scared.

One doctor says Danza has “lost a tremendous amount of muscle.” Weight loss without explanation is always causing for alarm, and could suggest “a hidden disease, such as a tumor.” The same doctor says, “If he lost this weight through a successful diet and exercise program, it could be healthful and not suggest any disease.” A different doctor calls the weight loss “truly alarming… I would recommend he have tests to ensure he is not courting colon, lung, or prostate cancers that prey on men his age.”

How does Tony Danza look?

The proof is in all the fine print. In teeny-tiny letters beneath this story, the tabloid admits “the doctor’s quoted in this article have not treated Tony Danza.” This is painfully obvious considering what the first one said. The doctor waffles between saying “he’s healthy” and he has cancer. This is just crazy speculation from people who have probably never met Danza.

One person who has direct access Who’s the BossHis rep would be his star. According to Danza’s rep, he’s “as healthy as he’s ever been.” Gossip CopThis source is better than fake doctors.

Beyond Compare

This tabloid also embodies a classic tabloid trope, comparing photos from today to photos from 1970s. It compares a photo of Danza with how he looked in the past. Taxi1978 

Paul Rudd is the only exception to this rule. Everyone will age slightly more than 40+. It’s an unfair comparison, and it pops up anytime a tabloid wants to attack an older celebrity. The GlobeIt did exactly the same thing when it attacked Henry Winkler, Kurt Russell. Tony Danza at 70 looks largely the same as Tony Danza at 65, so he’s doing fine.

Other ‘Dying’ Stars

This tabloid predicts death all the time. It’s promised the grim reaper was coming for Woody Allen, Chevy Chase, and Liza Minelli to name only a few, yet they’re all still alive. The crystal balls at the National EnquirerYou cannot trust them. Danza’s fine, so you should disregard this story.