Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Headed For $650 Million Divorce Because He Won’t Quit Playing?

Are You Tom Brady Gisele BundchenHis career is causing their breakup? According to one outlet, their marriage is in trouble because of his unrelenting love for football. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Marriage On Rocks Again’

According to the National Enquirer, Brady’s reneged on his promise to retire, and now Bundchen is reneging on their marriage. She’s planning a $650 million divorce because the Patriots legend refuses to hang up his jersey. 

Insiders say Brady once promised to retire if he won a title with the Buccaneers, but “now he’s talking about playing until he’s 50! Gisele is both angry and astonished because they’d spoken about him finally settling down to be a full-time father and husband.” Brady cannot stop chasing glory and championships, and it may destroy his marriage.

An insider says, “If he doesn’t quit soon, he’ll be lucky if the marriage survives until he’s 50!” The two had planned to have another child upon moving to Tampa Bay, but those plans are now on ice. An insider concludes, “Gisele has made it clear to him that he needs to call an audible soon — football or his family!”

What’s Going On With Brady And Bundchen?

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, and their families are doing amazing. You can see loads of photos on her Instagram page supporting her husband and the Buccaneers. She knew he was going to re-sign with the Bucs before the rest of the world, so it’s safe to say she knows a little bit more about his retirement plans than the Enquire.

When will he retire?

Brady’s figuring out his retirement plans in real-time. Even at 44, he’s still an elite quarterback showing no signs of decline. His original goal was for him to retire at 45. But that was only if he started losing his health. The Buccaneers’ general manager would love for Brady. play until he’s 50Brady immediately dismissed the suggestion. “Fifty? That’s a long time. Even for me, that’s a long time.” He’s obviously not planning to play in his 50s, so this whole story is false.

This may sound familiar

This is a follow up to a previous EnquireBundchen was blindsided by his contract. She wasn’t since she teased it before it happened. Gossip CopNumerous stories that the couple had another baby have been debunked. Life & StyleThe story of Brady and Bundchen’s $600 million divorce and their eventual reconciliation lasted months. 

Some stories are so repetitive that you feel sleepy just reading them. This one’s exhausting. Out of all the bogus claims in this story, the most egregious may be the words “Enquire exclusive.” There isn’t a word of this story that Gossip Cop hasn’t encountered many, many times before.