This innovative and ultra-efficient electric 3-wheeler commuter is perfect for everyday mobility

America’s interest in three-wheeled commuter vans continues to grow, and the ArcimotoFUV is one that will certainly impress potential owners.

Arcimoto is an Oregon-based manufacturer that builds three-wheeled electric vehicles classified as “autocycles,” which is best described as a car/motorcycle hybrid.

Depending on your location, you may need a motorcycle license.


The Arcimoto FUV—short for “Fun Utility Vehicle”—looks more like a motorcycle or quad than a car. It has a semi-enclosed cabin and tandem seating. There are also power-assist handlebars.

It is powered by two motors mounted on the front of the vehicle, each generating a total power output of 77 horsepower. The transmission is single-speed and the battery pack is 20-kWh.

Arcimoto also offers customers several options to make the FUV more practical, including cup holders, lockable rear storage, a phone mount, and “West Coast Half Doors.”

A white Arcimoto FUV

If you’ve ridden an ATV before, navigating the FUV’s controls would be easy. On the right of the handlebars, you’ll find a twist grip throttle, a brake lever, and a kill switch. The mechanical brake pedal is located under your right foot.

On the opposite side, controls for hazards, turn signals and brights are located. A panel at your knees controls some other functions, such heated handgrips and seat heating and windshield wipers.

The FUV, weighing in at about 1,300 lbs, feels quick on the roads. Arcimoto claims that the FUV can travel from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds.

The handlebars respond to your input, so you can easily cut through traffic.

A man riding an orange Arcimoto FUV

Arcimoto claims that the FUV can travel approximately 100 miles around town, 66 miles at speeds of 55 mph and 32 miles at 70. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a range-to-empty readout, but its battery-percentage gauge relays accurate information.

Level 2 or Level1 chargers are available for charging the electric vehicle. Arcimoto claims that the vehicle can be charged from nearly empty to full in four hours with a Level 2, and up to eight hours when plugged into standard 120-volt outlets.

Prices for this FUV start from $18,300, excluding any applicable state tax incentives or rebates. It is a great choice for a second vehicle, especially if it is only intended to be used for short trips around the city and you are not averse to two-wheeled transport.

This autocycle would also be beneficial to local businesses such as food delivery or courier services.

Two Arcimoto FUVs parked in front of a restaurant

This is a great option for drivers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. According to Arcimoto’s website:

“Our mission is to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. We believe that we can only make the shift from polluting, oversized vehicles to more efficient, right-sized EVs that all of us can afford. We can’t afford not to.”

The company has big plans for future and plans to build Arcimoto Manufacturing Plants around the world to produce low-cost vehicles on local markets.

In turn, this will “create new green tech jobs, boost the local economy, and eliminate the need for expensive and polluting global shipping practices.”

Visit the official website to learn more about Arcimoto FUV and watch the video below, courtesy of Kirsten Dirksen.

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