This All-Natural Sleep Aid Is The Perfect Alternative To Melatonin

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Melatonin is generally considered safe and reliable. But even though this over-the-counter sleeping aid works for some, it isn’t always the best solution for everyone. Some people who have trouble sleeping may find excessive melatonin disrupting their sleep cycle. People who take melatonin in the morning may feel drowsy the next morning. 

In short, when it comes to catching some zzz’s, non-prescription sleep aids containing melatonin are not going to help everyone. There is an alternative for those who want to fall asleep in bed. 

Consider natural alternatives to prescription sleep aids before you resort to them. You should take advantage of Proper Sleep + CalmThe holy grail of nonhabit forming sleep relief. 

Proper Sleep + CalmIt gently relaxes your body and mind, which will help you sleep better. Unlike traditional synthetic sleep aids, Proper doesn’t “crash” you into a groggy daze or make you feel unnaturally drowsy. Proper is a gradual de-stressing aid.

Proper Sleep +Calm uses a gentle combination of L–theanine, Sensoril Ashwagandha, and L-theanine to reduce anxiety and stress. GABA promotes tranquility and reduces excitability, while Venetron helps you fall asleep and keep you there. Valerian root extract also enhances GABA’s dreamy effects. 

If you find it difficult to sleep, Proper Sleep + CalmThis may be the solution. Proper works best when it is used continuously to help you fall asleep and keep you slumbering. According to one studyAfter just five nights of consistent use, about 85% of Proper users felt more restful. Even more important, 95% reported an improvement in their sleep after just 10 days. 

What are the reviews about Proper sleep + Calm? Is it really the best natural sleep solution? See what they’re saying below!

Finally, a Sleep Aid that Works!

Reviewers agree Proper Sleep + CalmThis is the best non-prescription holistic, non-prescription sleeping aid they have ever tried. One reviewer shared, “Staying sleep the whole night, haven’t been able to do that in years.”

Another wrote, “I’ve tried lots of sleep supplements-melatonin, tryptophan, valerian-but none of them are long-lasting. I’ve been using Proper Sleep & Calm for a couple of weeks and am finally getting a good night’s sleep.”

Proper users report that they drift into dreamland and appreciate the fact that it contains real ingredients, which helps them sleep. 

So if you’re ready to ditch melatonin, give Proper Sleep + Calm a go instead. Taking Proper’s drug-free supplements will help you relax, fall asleep and sleep better in no time.

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