The Surprising Place Jennifer Coolidge Adopted Her Dog

Jennifer CoolidgeIt is a great decade. The White LotusStar is finally getting some recognition. Did you know she’s an animal lover? Here’s where she got one of her doggies from.

Animal Advocacy

Coolidge has been a tireless advocate for animals for many years. Coolidge was a key figure in the celebration of the 150th anniversaryShe was a 2016 ASPCA member and has endorsed numerous animal rescues. It’s only fitting that she starred in the classic mockumentary Best in Show.

370100 03: Jane Lynch as Christy Cummings, left, and Jennifer Coolidge as Sherri Ann Ward with “Rhapsody In White” star in Castle Rock Entertainment’s film, “Best In Show.” (Photo by Doane Gregory/Online USA)

Her Last Few Dogs

One of her dogs was rescued from the street. She told the ASPCAShe saw a sweet dog tied up to a tree in Hollywood. “A man standing nearby mentioned the dog was without a home and I instinctually felt this moment was supposed to happen and she was supposed to come home with me. I named her Dilly.” 

Monkey, another of her dogs was adopted by her after she did a segment about adopting her. “Even though the little black dog was incredibly charming, she didn’t get any takers. I called the show again the next day to ask if anyone was interested. When they responded, “No, and she also has a cold now,” I knew I wanted to be that little girl’s mom.” She even slept in the same bed with the animals.

Meet Chewy

Coolidge currently is the proud mother to one dog, Chewy. It’s short for Chewbacca. She’s brought the rescue dog along for interviews, and it has quite the backstory. She spoke. Us WeeklyThe dog was rescued from a meat factoryKorea. Chewy was adopted by her through The Animal Rescue Mission.

The rescue helps animal loversAdopt or foster animals from poor backgrounds. Its mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals while educating the public on how to provide a safer, happier world for animals.” Coolidge helped make Chewy’s life safer and happier.

In the same interview, Coolidge says “If I wasn’t an actor, I would want to be a billionaire that gave away money to people and animals that deserved it.” Animal rights are clearly a cause close to her heart. Surprisingly, she hasn’t posted any photos with Chewy. She did post a photo with a very big and, let’s say… excited dog back in 2019.

You can catch the Legally Blonde star in Shotgun Wedding opposite Jennifer Lopez, and she’ll be in a Super Bowl commercial this year. Here’s hoping Chewy makes an appearance too.

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