The Reason Leonard Nimoy Wouldn’t Voice Spock On Animated ‘Star Trek’

Star Trek: The Animated SeriesIt is a footnote for some, but a beacon to others. NBC’s two seasons brought back the cast of the canceled Original Series, but Leonard NimoyInitial hesitation. Here’s his endearing reason why.

Back in Orbit

It’s tough to imagine, given just how popular the Star Trek franchise would become, that the original series only lasted for three seasons on the air. Blink through the Johnson administration and you could’ve missed the whole thing. It could have gone in the direction of contemporaries. FlipperOr Adam-12Other 60s shows that aired only for a few episodes. It would survive, fortunately for Trekkies around the world.

Originally designed while TOSWas on the air The Animated SeriesIn 1973, the series was renewed for at least 22 episodes. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the show, was generously granted full creative control. He later brought back many writers. TOS. The show was meant to be promoted as a children’s show. TOS They were dropped in favor of the intended audience. Because the show was animated, writers did not have to worry about the financial limitations associated with special effects.

Bad First Idea

Filmation decided not to bring back all of the cast members when the series was created. Walter Koenig was not requested back by Filmation for budgetary reasons. Doogan and Barrett would double as Sulu or Uhura. 

Nichelle Nichols was left without a job and George Takei was left without a job. This did not go down well with Leonard Nimoy. He refused to reprise his role as Spock unless his castmates were with him. Nimoy believed in the progressive spirit. Star TrekThe original cast’s ethnic diversity was important to him. The Three Men and a babyDirector also knew that his friends could make use of the money.

Once the issue of diversity was brought to Filmation’s attention, Takei and Nichols were brought on board. The studio was shocked and embarrassed. To please Nimoy, the studio purchased a script from Koenig to help him get some cash. This allowed the original cast to make money. The Animated Series.

Legacy Secured

This story features Nimoy doing a fantastic job, as he does often when people reminisce on the legend. The Animated Series got strong ratings but wasn’t a hit with children’s advertisers. The series saved the franchise and brought it back to life. It paid off, as The Next Generation DiscoveryYears later, we would discover that there are many more stories in the world of Star Trek.

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