The Philanthropic Efforts of Brian Sheth, Founder of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation and Re:wild

Brian Sheth was born in Austin Texas. His father is an Indian immigrant who came to America in search of a better life. He idolized Jacques Cousteau as a young child, dreaming of following in the footsteps of this legendary marine biologist and conservationist. Ultimately deciding to pursue a career in business, Sheth attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied economics and finance.

After securing his Bachelor of Science from Wharton, Brian Sheth entered the highly specialized and technical field of merger and acquisition (M&A) management, working in the M&A groups of Goldman Sachs and the Deutsche Bank Morgan & Grenfell Group. He was also the leader of leveraged technology company acquisitions for Bain Capital, a private investor firm.

Brian Sheth then used his experience with these financial giants as a management consultant to manage a company. broad portfolio of investmentsHigh-tech sector. He was based in Austin, Texas and led a global private equity company that eventually owned more than 50 software firms and supported an international base with approximately 65,000 employees.

Brian Sheth’s extraordinary success in these companies has allowed him to accumulate a lot of personal and business wealth. Sheth is one of only a few billionaires to have broken the ten figure barrier before turning forty years old.

In addition to his enduring interest in conservation and the natural world, philanthropy has long been an important component of Brian Sheth’s life. His charitable work has had a profound impact on both the global and local levels. To “support the resilience and wellbeing for all life on earth,” he endeavors to build strong coalitions among business leaders, process-driven non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and invested members of the public.

Brian Sheth’s major achievements in the nonprofit sector include establishing two successful charitable organizations with important people from his personal life. He founded Re:wild(formerly Global Wildlife Conversation), with his friend, and the Sheth Sangreal foundation with his wife.

Re:wild is dedicated to saving all endangered animal species. It emphasizes the importance of diverse ecosystems for everything, from the food we eat to our air. This fight is especially important given the current extinction rate, which is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the rates in the past. Through its annual Wild Night for Wildlife, millions of dollars are raised each year by the Re:wild to support conservation efforts.

The Sheth Sangreal Foundation also works to protect endangered species and promote biodiversity. It has saved 83 endangered species to date. It has also helped protect more than 50,000 miles worth of forest land, and helped more than 120,000 children through its international educational initiatives.

Brian Sheth has been a regular public speaker over the years sharing his views on important international issues. In 2020 alone, he sat on the “Aligning Solutions for Climate Change and Public Health” panel at the Milken Future of Health Summit and the “Next Decade: How to Manage Disruption” panel at the Milken Global Conference.

As a member of the board of directors for The GRAMMY Museum, Brian Sheth spearheaded that organization’s “Saving the Planet through Song.” This ecological initiative draws upon the power of music to inspire conservation.

In 2019, Brian Sheth helped fund a state-of-the-art campus for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area. The campus covers 32,000 square feet. It features a STEM learning center, a computer laboratory, an art studio and library. It offers a variety of sports activities, including an indoor soccer field, baseball field and basketball courts.

Brian Sheth was part of a group that Wall Street Journal called “a lockdown era Manhattan Project”, and played a pivotal role against COVID-19. When the pandemic began in March 2020, Brian Sheth was already an investor at Newpath Partners L.P. in Boston. This firm specializes on turning biotech breakthroughs into viable companies.

Brian Sheth’s involvement with Newpath led to a leadership role in Scientists to Stop COVID-19, a group of hundreds of biotech professionals dedicated to combating the deadly virus. Scientists to Stop COVID-19 created a 17-page document with his support. It included innovative methods for virus prevention and treatment. The group also received the attention of federal officials.

In 2021, Brian Sheth has made personal charitable donations that include $250,000 matching gifts to both the 2021 AT&T Dell Children’s Ball and the 2021 Austin American-Statesman’s Season for Caring. He has also generously contributed financially through his various organizations.

Kayla Dunn

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