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A deep-sea discover introduced hope to the Galapagos

Historical coral reefs have been found in waters off Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, in a area left devastated by freak climate situations 4 many years in the past. 

The 1982-83 El Niño occasion was thought to have nearly worn out reefs round Galapagos, with Wellington reef off the coast of Darwin Island regarded as among the many few surviving remnants. Nevertheless, scientists have now discovered extensive reefs in the midst of the archipelago, bringing hope that others might have survived.

Marine biologist Dr Michelle Taylor from the College of Essex in England was a part of the group that discovered the reefs, the primary found within the Galapagos Marine Reserve since its creation in 1998.

“They’re pristine and teeming with life – pink octopus, batfish, squat lobsters and an array of deep-sea fish, sharks, and rays,” she stated. “These newly found reefs are probably of worldwide significance – websites which we will monitor over time to see how pristine habitats evolve with our present local weather disaster.”

Picture: Woods Gap Oceanographic Establishment