“Tell the Oligarchs They Cannot Have It All” Sanders Tells UK’s Striking Workers

On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sander (I-Vermont), praised local train workers’ recent strike actions and encouraged rally-goers to unite to defeat the greedy British and global ruling classes.

“What is going on today in the U.K. is no different than what is going on in the United States of America. Same bloody thing,” Sanders saidIn his speech to National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, he stated: “What you are seeing is people on the top who are phenomenally rich are becoming richer, you’re seeing a middle class continue to shrink and you’re seeing millions and millions of people living in abject poverty.”

“In the year 2022, we cannot allow that to happen, whether it’s the U.K. or the United States, working people all over the globe have got to stand together and tell the oligarchs they cannot have it all,” he said.

The speech was delivered at an event held amid months of strikesLondon Underground and Overground public transport workers have been staging a sabotage. multiple strikes this yearRMT members protest against proposed job cuts and wage increases. RMT has rejected numerous offers from transportation officials. saying that workers’ pensions and pay are under attack.

Sanders praised workers for their efforts and said that they were part of a growing labor movement which has the potential to challenge oppressive power structures perpetuated by billionaires.

“What are you looking at globally is a small number of billionaires who have enormous power over the economic life of the people and the political life of the people. And our challenge is to bring people together to stand up to the demagogues who want to divide us up by the color of our skin or where we were born or our sexual orientation,” Sanders said.

In the quest to take on this power, the working class must “think big, not small,” Sanders said, pointing out the vast inequities that are being forced on the working class today. For example, despite the huge advancements in technology and productivity, wages are lower todayThere are more they wereHe pointed out that redistribution wealth was happening toward the top almost 50 years ago.

Workers are required to work multiple jobs to affordTo keep their families afloat they were forced to pay for ballooning costsChild care and suffering under the growing costsHigher education.

Sanders said that the solidarity among the labor movement and the progressive movements in the U.S. was a promising sign that workers are prepared to take on corporate power.

“There is no success, no justice, without struggle,” he said, paraphrasing Frederick Douglass. “They are never going to give it to you. You think the oligarchs are going to say, ‘hey, you made a good case. We’re gonna raise wages for your workers, thanks for informing us what’s going on’?… That ain’t the way it works.”

“The only way justice ever comes about, the only way working people ever make success is when we stand up, we take them on, and we win,” Sanders concluded. “That’s what this struggle is about.”

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