Ted Kennedy’s Diary Shows Alito Lied About Maintaining Precedent in Roe v. Wade

As a nominee for the Supreme Courtroom in 2005, Samuel Alito privately assured Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) that he wouldn’t search to undo abortion rights protections that have been established within the 1973 Roe v. Wade choice, excerpts from the late senator’s diary reveal.

The passages from Kennedy’s diary have been printed in The New York Instances this week to promote a new book titled “Ted Kennedy: A Life,” written by biographer John Farrell.

Based on what Kennedy wrote after assembly with Alito, who was courting him and different senators after being nominated by former President George W. Bush, Alito said he was a “believer in precedents.”

“I acknowledge there’s a proper to privateness. I believe it’s settled,” Alito instructed Kennedy, referring to the underlying arguments that established abortion protections inside Roe.

Kennedy was skeptical, nevertheless, and requested Alito about an anti-abortion memo he wrote whereas working for the Reagan administration. Alito assured Kennedy that his views within the Eighties didn’t replicate his present ones, and that he had written the memo whereas in search of a promotion.

“I used to be a youthful particular person. I’ve matured loads,” Alito stated.

Unpersuaded, Kennedy went on to vote towards Alito’s affirmation. If the nominee might change his views with the intention to get a promotion, the late senator wrote, he couldn’t belief that his views on the suitable to abortion would stay constant.

Kennedy’s considerations have been prescient — 16 years after making similar statements about Roe to the Senate in his confirmation hearings (calling the ruling “necessary precedent of the Supreme Courtroom”), the Supreme Courtroom justice would pen the bulk opinion within the case that dismantled federal abortion protections, claiming that Roe was “egregiously flawed from the beginning” — a sentiment that the vast majority of Americans disagree with.

Alito’s ruling was affected by selective reasoning. He claimed, for instance, that abortion “will not be deeply rooted within the nation’s historical past and custom,” when the truth is, abortion was practiced for a few years within the U.S. earlier than states started proscribing the follow within the late 1800s.

Alito also attacked the right to privacy in his ruling, contradicting his assertion to Kennedy that he acknowledged the suitable as actual.

Critics condemned the sitting justice of the Excessive Courtroom after information of his deception was printed.

“In order a youthful legal professional he ‘lied to his bosses to get a promotion’ and 20 years later he lied to Kennedy and the Senate to…get a promotion,” writer and filmmaker Andy Ostroy said on Twitter. “Alito is a despicable ethically-bankrupt liar.”

“In contrast to Susan Collins, Ted Kennedy understood what these guys have been peddling and the way [fundamentally] dishonest they have been,” said Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

“Ted Kennedy’s diaries show once more that Samuel Alito is a liar, an activist Justice with an agenda and a shame to a delegitimized Supreme Courtroom,” said public opinion researcher Fernand Amandi.