Stunningly constructed tiny home has a bifold window that connects to the outdoor living area

Have you ever found yourself sick and tired of the world’s fast-paced and needlessly complicated lifestyles? From jobs, politics, businesses, and even to homes—the amount of innovation has rendered others desensitized of progress.

Some couldn’t even find inner peace and contentment. That’s what Amy and Greg wanted to avoid.

The couple from Queensland, Australia, wanted to experience financial freedom while living in a home where they won’t have to suffer through the daily grind to pay off.

Their tiny house was built after months of planning, preparation and construction.

Living big in a tiny house

Their home rests comfortably in the middle of their friend’s property. It’s quiet, spacious, and away from the bustling city’s pollution and stress.

The tiny house is surrounded on all sides by vegetable patches and poultry farms where the couple grows a variety.

“I think for it’s probably the simplicity of the lifestyle. I think also the financial freedom, so that’s probably the biggest part for us,” Amy revealed.

“We don’t want to be tied down to a job. And then, you know we can live the lifestyle we truly love.”

Living big in a tiny house

From afar, Amy and George’s tiny home looks ordinary, but when you get closer and notice the house’s details, you will appreciate how impeccably designed and crafted it is.

The foldable window connecting the kitchen and the deck is the heart of the house. Family and friends can relax there.

The home’s exterior is predominantly brown and black. The couple wanted a more natural look for their home, where it can ‘sink into the background.’

They still managed to create a design that was both modern and natural.

Living big in a tiny house

Amy and Greg also discovered how their entire family loves spending time outdoors. From the home’s deck to the outdoor chairs, the house is designed to connect its inhabitants to the environment.

The stunning modern tiny house measures 24 x 7 x 14 ft.—spacious yet compact, so the family can still bring the entire structure on the road. The large lounge can be converted into a full-sized bed.

The whole family loves to watch movies and play games while lying on their convertible couches.

Living big in a tiny house

If you look closely around the house, there are many windows that let in natural light. “We really wanted to capitalize on the view and bring in as much natural light as possible,” Amy explained. 

“For a tiny house, I think if it’s small, I can feel even smaller if it doesn’t have that natural light and just makes it feel airy and bright…”

Living big in a tiny house

The accuracy in Amy’s explanation can be seen in the home’s vibe and ambiance. The beautiful outdoors is showcased by the abundance of windows. The windows are also helpful during droughts to regulate the house’s temperature.

Just a few steps from the lounge is where you can find the heart of the couple’s home. The kitchen features long counter-tops and storage spaces, which complement the couple’s fondness of meal prepping together. The home’s key feature is the folding window located opposite the counter-tops.

Living big in a tiny house

“We actually designed a lot of the house around that bifold window there, and when it opens up, it really does bring the outside in,” said Greg.

When the family invites friends over, they pass their prepared meals to them on the other side. If you’re looking for design ideas on how to organize a kitchen while maximizing space, Amy and Greg’s house might give you an idea or two.

The staircase’s steps also double as a storage area for appliances, tools, and clothes.

Living big in a tiny house

The home’s bathroom features a full-length vertical window that can be seen from the kitchen and living room. 

“We wanted to create a space, I guess where from one end of the house to the other, it was really open-ended, so when you’re sitting in the lounge room and looking through, you just see straight out into nature…”

Living big in a tiny house

Our of all Amy’s design ideas, the bathroom’s vanity, is something she’s really proud to show. The vanity layout she designed features a circular mirror and wooden shelves containing earth-safe products. Four pendant lights suspended from the ceiling illuminate the vanity.

The children sleep right above the lounge area. Amy and Greg wanted the kids to have their space and be separate from the rest of their family.

Their sleeping area is still open and part the house.

Living big in a tiny house

Amy and Greg consider their sleeping loft as their ‘sanctuary.’ The big cozy bed is directly below the skylight, giving the area a relaxing vibe made possible by natural light. 

“I think even compared to our bedrooms at the previous homes, this is probably the most comfortable and luxurious that we’ve had,” Amy recalled.

Living big in a tiny house

The entire family has lived in the tiny house for six months. Amy and Greg felt that time was moving faster than they anticipated. Perhaps the change from a busy lifestyle to a relaxed, freeing one made it all more enjoyable.

Whenever people ask Amy and Greg if they’re ‘over’ their tiny house, the couple can’t help but chuckle—they keep falling in love with their home every day.

Here’s a tour of the couple’s unique home:

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