Starmer pledges publicly owned green British energy firm

Keir Starmer, a Liverpool Labour Conference participant, has revealed plans to create a publicly owned renewable energy company.

He called it ‘Great British Energy’, and plans for it to be modelled on France’s EDF and other firms owned by foreign states that operate in the UK.

Starmer was given a standing ovation for his response to the proposition.


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The Labour leader told the conference that currently, the largest onshore wind farm in Wales was owned by Sweden, energy bills in Swansea were paying for schools and hospitals in Stockholm, the Chinese Communist party had a stake in the UK’s nuclear industry and five million Britons paid their bills to a French-owned energy company.

His proposed plan would aim to ensure that Starmer’s planned expansion in clean energy would deliver British jobs and greater energy security.

It would also help protect the UK from relying on fuel from countries run by “tyrants like Putin”, he adds. It is envisioned that it would partner with independent companies to drive green energy growth.

The goal is to turn the UK into a “clean energy superpower”. He promises that this would be done within the first year of a Labour government.