Southern Charm’s Taylor Green Wanted to Date Shep Rose Again

Her life is about to start a new chapter. After her separation from Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green opened up about where the exes stand now — and addressed why she expected them to get back together.

“I always had that thought in my head that maybe if he was working on himself and doing things that we would have a conversation [about] ending up back together,” Green, 27, exclusively told Us WeeklyBravoCon, Friday October 14. “But that’s not the case, so we’re good. I wish him well.”

Taylor Ann Green.
Cindy Ord/Bravo

The Southern CharmNewcomer said that Rose, 42, gave her a brief hope for their relationship in a past conversation. “We had a conversation when we first separated where I was like, ‘Here’s some things I want you [to work on]. I’m gonna try to push you, drive you and challenge you to do these things.’ And I found out he was doing quite the opposite,” she shared. “So that in itself was just a turn off for me.”

Green and Rose first started romance rumors in 2020, before they made their relationship public. In season 8, Southern Charm, however, viewers saw the former couple’s connection take a turn. In July UsIt was confirmed that the reality TV stars had split.

For Green, seeing her ex-boyfriend’s lack of effort made her reconsider a reconciliation in the future. “It just solidifies my decision. I know that I need to be moving in a different direction,” the clinical assistant detailed. “I’m hoping that he is doing well. I want to be someone who supports him and pushes him to be the best version possible of himself. But I myself need to heal and root and ground before I can give again.”

The North Carolina also hinted that she was not looking for a new relationship anytime soon, saying, “I am definitely dating myself. I know people say that, but I think I’m asexual at the moment.”

Green’s insight into her personal life comes after she called Rose out during the reunion earlier this month.

“You f—ked another woman in Texas. Multiple women,” she claimed on the second part of the special, which aired on Thursday, October 13. “Like goddamn it’s been two freaking months.”

Green attacked Rose at the time for not caring about their relationship. “Why are you using women like that? Why did you use me like that?” she asked the South Carolina native, who replied that he doesn’t “keep score” and that he will “always love Taylor.”

Green says her only regret about the reunion was the way she communicated her point. “I wish there were some choice words that I could take back,” she added on Friday. “All the yelling and the F words and the P word and the masturbate word. I wish I just kind of stayed grounded.”