Sir Jeremy Wright calls on the PM to resign

Sir Jeremy Wright, former Attorney General under Theresa May has become the latest Conservative MP calling for the resignation of the prime minister.

Sir Jeremy had been making criticisms about the future prime minister and today he posted a very long statement on his website.  This is the longest criticism of Johnson that a Conservative MP has ever made.

In the statement, Sir Jeremy writes, “Accountability and restoring faith in good Government require something more, both to safeguard future public compliance with Government instructions when it counts, and to allow the present Government to deliver the important legislation it has introduced, including vital changes to social care funding, energy security and online regulation. It now seems that the Prime Minster’s continuing in office will hinder these important objectives. I have therefore, with regret, concluded that, for the good of this and future Governments, the Prime Minister should resign”.

Concentrating a large amount of his fire around whether Mr Johnson misled parliament, Sir Jeremy writes, “I consider the charge of misleading Parliament to be so serious it must lead to resignation if it is established”.


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Sir Jeremy’s statement takes the number of Conservative MPs calling on the prime minister to resign to some 29.  If they all send letters, this brings the total number of Conservative MPs calling for the prime minister to resign to 29.

Since the Gray Report was published last Wednesday, this number has increased by 9

It is increasingly likely that a no confidence motion will be held in June, with 40 more Conservative MPs openly hostile towards Mr Johnson.

It is still the case that 160 MPs are loyal to Mr Johnson.  With Mr Johnson only needing 180 votes for victory, it is thus far from clear that the prime minister’s opponents will be able to muster enough support to remove him from post.

Sir Jeremy Wright, MP for Kenilworth & Southam.  A lover of lego, he sits on the Committee on Standards in Public Life.