Selling the OC’s Alex Hall Details Villain Label on Netflix Show

Alex Hall
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Despite playing the part of a villain on Netflix’s Selling the OC, Alexandra “Alex” HallShe didn’t always intend for this to be her identity.

“It’s interesting, because [the cast] were able to watch the show a couple of weeks ago,” Hall, 33, told Entertainment Tonight Friday, August 26, 2006. “There was never a debate on whether or not I’m the villain, or [someone else is] the villain because we all know the backstory and our reasonings and our intentions.”

She continued: “And so, to see it unfold that way, with the viewers who just don’t know, and they’re just seeing it for the first time and they don’t know any of the behind the scenes like we did or we do. … It’s shocking. It’s honestly just shocking.”

Selling the OC The streaming platform premiered the video earlier this month. Jason OppenheimAnd Brett OppenheimAs they open a second Oppenheim Group brokerage in Orange County. The Selling Sunset Stars, both 45, staffed their branch with a range of Newport Beach-based realtors, as the move was documented on the spinoff. Tyler Stanaland, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Polly Brindle, Alexandra RoseAnd Alexandra JarvisHall claimed that Rose, aged 27, and Jarvis (32), were not always meant as stars.

“They’re very opportunistic,” the single mother — she shares a daughter and a son with her ex-husband — told ET Friday. “Jarvis and Rose weren’t even original cast on the show. And so, a lot of me saying, ‘Why are you here?’ [during filming] is not to be rude — and not that they don’t deserve to be there. They are entitled to be in the office. They are top producers. There is no disrespect. It’s, ‘We’re filming. Why are you here?’ Because production has … reassured us, ‘They’re not cast. Don’t worry…’ And so, I’m like, ‘Why are you here?’ All you’re doing is trying to start drama.”

Selling the OC’s Alex Hall Reacts to Villian Label on Netflix Show: It Was 'Honestly Just Shocking'

Brandi Marshall, Alex Hall
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Throughout the docuseries’ first season — which premiered on Wednesday, August 24 — Hall’s real estate prowess and her frequent conflicts with her coworkers became a fixture of the show’s plot lines.

“It was like, ‘Alex Hall. Alex Hall. Alex Hall,’” she recalled to the outlet. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god. How do so many people have so much to say about me, when I have such little interaction with so many of these people?’ That is what blew me away the most. … I think I command attention. I don’t think that I seek to be the center of attention. It’s just a part and parcel of me and who I attract. It’s not intentional.”

Selling the OC Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.