Saving the high street: 10 quickfire solutions for the UK and beyond – FFA

6. Green our urban centers

“We need to rethink our towns and high streets so they are healthier, greener places – and primarily about people,” writes Bill GrimseyFormer chief executive of Iceland, Wickes and author of a major high street review.

He cites global efforts from Athens (pictured), to free public space from cars and to make them more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.

Greening efforts are closer to home: the creation Sheffield Peace Gardens has reportedly upped shopping visits by 35 per cent, increasing spending by £4.2m.

In Piccadilly, Stoke-on-Trent, a £10m investment to make the area more pedestrian-friendly led to 30 per cent more footfall. Tree-lined streets and living walls, as well as vertical gardens, could all be possible.

Image by Despina Galani