Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall Supposedly Struggling To Stay Together After Separation, Unverified Insider Said

There’s no shortage of tabloid stories about Sandra BullockHer long-term boyfriend, Bryan Randall. Several outlets have speculated just how strong Bullock and Randall’s relationship is because they have yet to get married. Last year, a magazine alleged Bullock’s busy schedule was causing her to neglect Randall. Today, Gossip Copis looking back at the story in order to see how the couple is doing. 

Sandra Bullock And Bryan Randall Separated? 

Last year, Woman’s Day released an article with the headline “Sandra & Bryan’s Shock Separation.” Based on the title alone, readers assumed the couple was separating. However, the tabloid claimed that Bullock’s work schedule was “taking a toll” on her and Randall’s relationship. “It’s been especially hard after having her all to himself during the lockdown,” a supposed “family friend” noted of Randall. 

The source added that Randall felt like Bullock “keeps changing the goalposts as to when she’s coming home.” Because Randall was left in the dark, the insider said he was “finding it tough” to adjust to life without Bullock. “As a reformed addict, she’s a huge support for him,” the tipster revealed. The distance left Randall “very vulnerable.” However, Bullock apparently hoped to “make up for it over Christmas.”

Are Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall Still Together? 

So what’s the truth behind this Sandra Bullock separation rumor? When? Gossip CopThe first time I came across the Woman’s Day story, we weren’t buying it, and the same is true today. At the time, Bullock was indeed filming a Netflix movie in Vancouver, forcing her to be away from home. However, that doesn’t automatically mean the actress’s relationship struggled because of it. 

Randall and Bullock have been dating for years, so we can assume he’s accustomed to how high-demand Bullock is. The tabloid also claimed Bullock’s kids would be too much for Randall to handle on his own. The actress has been open about how great her boyfriend is with her children. Randall and Bullock are still together today, so it’s obvious the magazine was lying. 

The Tabloids Don’t Really Know What’s Going On 

When it comes to reporting on Sandra Bullock’s personal life, the tabloids never know what’s really happening, and as a result, publish false rumors. For example: OK! said Bullock and Randall were planning to adopt another kid. Although the story was touching, there was no evidence to support it. Bullock is known for keeping a low profile so it is unlikely that any of her true friends will reveal details about her life.