Sanders Tells Starbucks CEO to Stop Union Busting and “Obey the Law”

As former CEO Howard Schultz takes the helm once again at Starbucks, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has demanded that the company “do the right thing” and allow employees to exercise their legal right to organize.

On Tuesday, Sanders wrote a letterSchultz demanded from the company that it stop hindering workers unionization. He stressed that Starbucks workers are entitled to unionize. under the U.S. ConstitutionShe pointed out that federal officials had already found the company to be in violation of the law as a result of its union busting efforts.

“As you prepare to head back into your former role as Starbucks CEO, I am writing to you with a simple request,” Sanders said. “Please respect the Constitution of the United States and do not illegally hamper the efforts of your employees to unionize.”

The union recently announced that workers at Over 150 locationsThis is a growing number of workers who have filed to unionize. Workers at the company’s hometown of Seattle voted to join a union on Tuesday afternoon with a unanimous vote of 9 to 0. They joined six other stores that have already voted for a union. There are many more elections going onComing up in the next weeks or months

The union campaign is allegedly illegally being waged by the company. The company has fought to stop it. Minimum one pro-union worker should be fired, Reduce employee hoursTo disrupt organizing efforts Closing down storesThey are currently undergoing unionization.

Workers claim that the company has brought them joy. Schultz backAs interim CEO, to clamp down on unionizing efforts. They asked lawmakers for more public pressure on the company in order to harm its public image, and discourage any further anti union moves.

Starbucks Workers United Union has filed complaints to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleging that the company has committed over 20 acts of union busting. The list of unfair labor practices charges rose as the union filed claims that the company threatened New York Pro-Union workers with losing their income, termination or benefits at locations in Long Island and Manhattan.

Sanders expressed frustration over the company’s potentially illegal anti-union tactics. “Instead of obeying the law, I am deeply concerned that Starbucks has engaged in a massive union busting campaign led by outgoing CEO Kevin Johnson. Workers were fired for ‘the crime’ of being pro-union,” Sanders wrote.

The Vermont lawmaker pointed out that the company has plenty of resources at its disposal to meet workers’ demands for better pay and working conditions. Starbucks has raked in $29.1 billion in profits last yearJohnson was compensated $20 million by Johnson in 2021. Johnson also promised to spend $20 billion over the next three year on stock buybacks as well as dividends.

“I am under the impression that Starbucks respects its ‘partners’ and supposedly adheres to progressive values. If that’s the case, it should behave lawfully and respect the decisions of its employees as to whether or not they want to join a union,” the lawmaker continued. “This is a pivotal moment for Starbucks. As you return to the company, it is time to do the right thing: End the union busting and obey the law.”