Russian and US Oligarchs Funnel Money to Charity for Personal and Political Gain

Russian oligarchs who are close to President Vladimir Putin face renewed scrutiny and sanctions. These oligarchs have transferred trillions of dollars out of Russia to offshore tax havens. They have holdings in the U.K. and U.S real estate, and other investments. They also funnel millions of dollars into U.S. charities.

Russian oligarch donations, whether intentional or not, cast a rosier glow on the oligarchs’ own reputations; keep them connected to powerful Americans even when their companies are under sanction; and potentially even give them a voice in shaping U.S. attitudes and policy toward Russia.

It was a major event that Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2014. This brought greater attention to both Putin’s political conduct and the ultra-wealthy business leaders surrounding and supporting him. A comprehensive investigationThe Anti-Corruption Data Collect (ACDC), of whom the Institute for Policy Studies is a part, has now begun to scrutinize the charitable giving of these oligarchs.