Royal Gossip Said Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Removed Prince Harry, Meghan Markle From The Line Of Succession

Can Prince HarryStill the king? Twelve months ago Gossip CopI came across a story about Queen ElizabethPersonally removing her grandson’s name from the line of succession. Let’s look back on that story and see what actually happened.

Prince Harry is now out of The Royal Line

The following is the GlobeElizabeth decided to take Harry out of the line. She apparently couldn’t allow him or his “high-maintenance wife,” Meghan Markle, anywhere near the throne after what they told Oprah Winfrey. She was said to have ordered constitution changes so he could not rule Britain.

This story was false for many reasons. The use of catty nicknames was enough to expose this outlet for being a hateful place, rather than a truthful one. Even if Elizabeth wanted Harry to be removed from the line of succession she wouldn’t have the authority. 

Harry ChooseTo move to England, he would have to lose his sixth slot in the line. That would mean that his baby nephews or nieces would have to go, something no one could support and which is unlikely. The story just didn’t add up.

Was He Booted

It’s been a year so Queen Elizabeth has theoretically had more than enough time to rewrite government documents or whatever the Globe promised she’d do. The official website of the royal family isn’t the best resource to answer this question because it’s not binding and doesn’t update in real-time, but for this purpose, it’s as good as anything.

A quick look at the website reveals the following: the Duke of Sussex is still number six in line. Lilibet Diana, his daughter, was also listed at number 8. There has been no apparent ill-will from any royal family member that has made any difference. The rules of succession are now out of its control.

Rumors Don’t Stop

The GlobeThis is the worst place to find information about the royal family. It propagates hatred and conspiracy theories. It claimed that Prince Charles was actually disowning his son shortly after the bogus succession story. It announced that Harry was to be returned, but did not mention the disowning. Both of these things didn’t happen.

This outlet is also the one that accused Meghan Markle, allegedly staging her miscarriage. There are no depths it won’t stoop to for a hit piece. Prince Harry is still the line of succession so we were right in debunking this story.

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