Royal ‘Expert’ Claims Harry Won’t Attend Queen’s Jubilee this Summer

Prince HarryWhen it comes to trips back to England, he is very selective. At one point, it appeared that he was and Meghan MarkleSoon, he would return to his homeland for the Invictus Games. Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. A recent report claims that he will not do so. Here’s what we know.

‘The Ultimate Test’

According to CloserHarry will soon face a difficult decision. Meghan Markle is “a lost cause,” a royal biographer says, and she “has no intention whatsoever to return to the UK.” Harry needs to decideHe could choose between visiting his grandmother in her final days or living in LA. The source says, “He insists he adores his grandmother, so will he come back to support her at Prince Philip’s memorial service, and will he come back to support her and celebrate her reign in the Platinum Jubilee? These are milestone moments and, sadly, time is running out.”

Harry will be more loyal to Los Angeles if he decides to stay. The biographer makes his bold prediction: “I personally think he won’t come back this year. I think the notion that he’s worried about his own security and needs the Met Police is an excuse, and that, sadly, we won’t see him or Meghan back in the UK anytime soon.”

Harry won’t come back alone because he won’t want to face his family after his memoir is released. The source expects the memoir to “have a lot of casualties and cause a lot of hurt.” It has to; otherwise, Harry can’t justify the money he’s making from Penguin Random House.

Hate, Hate, and More Hate

Harry’s already a multimillionaire, so he doesn’t need to write books for scratch. These criticisms of Harry are the same that we’ve seen time and time again. They portray Harry as being controlled and controlled by Markle, who doesn’t have any legitimate concern for their safety. You can see why safety would be important for the couple by looking at what happened with Princess Diana. Only Harry or Markle can know the truth about what lies ahead.

This story is from CloserThis article is biased toward Elizabeth. Much of it attacks Harry for not coming to support Elizabeth amid her battle with COVID-19 as if he’s still a senior member of the royal family. It also attacks him for not publicly wishing Elizabeth a proper recovery, but Prince William didn’t do that either. It’s just a hatchet job.

They’ll Be Back Eventually

Will Harry ever go home again? Yes, definitely. COVID-19 would have allowed Markle and him to return by now. However, visiting the United Kingdom is not something they’re going to do for every royal occasion. Harry already chose to split for the United States with his wife and children, so there’s no new ultimate decision left to be made. Only time will tell if Harry plans to visit his family for the platinum anniversary.

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