“Roe” Overturn Has Driven Spike in Young People “Very” Motivated to Vote

Young people in seven battleground states are more likely to say they’re “very motivated” to vote in the midterm elections now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. WadeAccording to new polling,

A polling memoNextGen America, first reported by PoliticoThe proportion of registered voters aged 18 to 35 in seven battleground states who say they’re “very motivated” to vote this fall has jumped by 9 percent since March, before news of the RoeOverturn was leaked in May.

In March, 38 percent of respondents said they were “very motivated” to vote, while 51 percent were only “somewhat” motivated. Now, 47 percent say they’re in the “very motivated” category, while 44 percent say they’re “somewhat” compelled, the polling finds.

While there was a 7 percent drop in the “somewhat” category, it’s possible that many of those respondents moved to the “very” motivated group, as 2 percent more people overall said that they were either “very” or “somewhat” motivated to cast a ballot.

The survey was done in Arizona, North Carolina and Nevada, as well as Michigan. New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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Motivation is likely to be directly related to the increase in motivation Dobbs v. JacksonAccording to polling, decision. About two thirds of respondents said that the decision was correct. In July, it was handed downThis has made them more interested in the results of the November elections. About the same proportion agreed with the statement that “abortion rights are on the ballot” and that electing two more pro-abortion, anti-filibusterSenators could be just what Congress needs to pass legislation to protect abortion rights nationwide.

The polling shows that young female voters are particularly supportive of abortion protections. Seventy-six% of young women voted against the decision to repeal abortion. RoeOnly 18% said they supported the decision. The majority of young female Republican voters are opposed to the decision.

While women aren’t the only people with the ability to get pregnant — and trans men and nonbinary people who can get pregnant are disproportionately affected by abortion bans — other pollingResearch has shown that women disapprove of the idea more than men. RoeOverturning is more common than men.

The NextGen America polling also found that young voters are “down on” President Joe Biden, perhaps confirming that Biden and Democrats have not effectively utilized their power to defend abortion rights from cruel right-wing attacks, as Pro-choice advocatesAs they have repeatedly emphasized.

NextGen says that the polling will guide the liberal group’s messaging ahead of the midterms. “The Dobbs decision has been a wakeup call for a lot of young people,” NextGen spokesperson Kristi Johnston told Politico. “Motivation is up because young people are dialed into what’s at stake.”

This fall, abortion is a hot topic among voters. Polling conducted Pew Research Center earlier this monthAccording to the poll, 56 percent of registered voters believe that abortion is a major issue now, compared to only 43 percent in March. The poll found that Gun policy was also gaining more attention over the summer.

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