Republican States Sue to Let Schools Block LGBTQ Children From Getting Meals

In the latest installment of Republicans’ cultural and legal war against LGBTQ adults and children, the vast majority of the U.S.’s Republican attorneys general filed a lawsuit last week suing the Biden administration over its Department of Agriculture (USDA) rule aimed at preventing LGBTQ children from being discriminated against in school meal programs.

Twenty-two Republican attorneys General, including those from states that have explicitly far-right GOP leadership such as Texas, are suingA USDA rule was announced earlier this year that bars schools from receiving federal food funding if they have meal plans that discriminate against LGBTQ children. About95 percent of public schools are eligible for federal funding to support meals. The Title IX anti-discrimination rules are the basis of this rule.

Their argument — that the USDA doesn’t have the authority to make such anti-discrimination rules — is similar to what a Tennessee judge found of federal protectionsLast month, LGBTQ people were in school and at work.

The main reason the attorneys general brought the lawsuit is to further their mission of subjugating LGBTQ adults and children for being there. Indiana’s Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita, one of the leaders of the lawsuit, said in a loaded statement announcing the lawsuit that “the Biden administration is dead-set on imposing an extreme left-wing agenda” and added that the anti-discrimination rule is a form of left-wing authoritarianism.

The real threat to authoritarianism in America is from the right. Is it coordinating to rig election elections?for the GOP and has been with the GOP for the past years Enshrining cruel antiLGBTQ policiesIncorporating ideologies into official party platforms and passing laws to discriminate against trans young people, unleashing violenceFor the LGBTQ community.

Advocates for the National School Lunch Program, which feeds tens of thousands of children each year, have long heldThe USDA anti-discrimination rule was necessary to reduce poverty and improve the health outcomes of children who might not otherwise be able access food. The USDA anti-discrimination rules were announced as part ofBiden administration initiative to combat discrimination against LGBTQ kids in schools.

Republicans have tried for decades to cut school meals. This year was a little different thanks to Republican leaders in Congress. legislators failedTo extend a universal school lunch program, which has fed approximately 10 million children during the pandemic.

The party, which has been moving further into right-wing extremism in recent years, has launched an escalating wave of attacks on LGBTQ people. This year, the party launched a torrent of attacks against LGBTQ people. Republican legislators are bannedTrans children are prohibited from participating in school sport and hurled hateful and false child abuse allegationsParents of LGBTQ children should not be discriminated against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that his administration was moving to ban trans children and Medicaid recipients from receiving gender affirming care — care that evidence shows can often be life-saving.

In another recent lawsuit, a prominent Texas Republican who had a major hand in crafting the state’s restrictive abortion ban argued that allowing people to access HIV medications for free under the Affordable Care Act was a violation of his Christian clients’ rights to maintain their homophobia.

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