Raab in charge as PM returns to No 10 after ‘routine’ op

After a minor operation, the prime minister has been confirmed to be back in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson underwent a “minor routine operation related to his sinuses” under general anaesthetic in London earlier today.

Johnson returned to Downing Street at 10:00 AM, and the operation took place at 06:00 BST.

A spokesperson for Johnson said that Dominic Raab, deputy prime minister will take any urgent measures while Johnson is not at work.


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Johnson will chair a Cabinet meeting tomorrow morning, and is expected to travel to a meeting with Commonwealth leaders later in the week.

No 10 said Johnson’s plans will depend on how he feel in the operation’s aftermath

No 10 also refused to comment on the PM’s medical history, but said that the procedure had “scheduled for a while”, went well.  

No 10 also said the operation was unrelated to Johnson’s April 2020 Coronavirus case, during which he spent three nights in intensive care.

Raab also oversaw the PM’s duties while the PM was unable to work over this period.