Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas Wants To Purchase 300 Entertainment: Let’s Have The Conversation

Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas States He Wants To Purchase 300 Entertainment: Let’s Have The Conversation

Could the world witness a merger between Quality Control Music & 300 Entertainment?

Quality Control CEO, Saturday, October 30th Pierre Thomas–who also goes by the nickname “P”–made an eyebrow-raising revelation through social media. Particularly, Pierre Thomas Twitter user @stumesale announced a possible business venture.

“I Wanna Buy @300 My Bankers On Deck. Let’s Have The Conversation.”

300 Entertainment is a record company that covers many different genres while Quality Control specializes only in hip-hop acts. Current rappers who have signed to 300 Entertainment include stars such as Megan Thee StallionYoung Thug,Fetty Wap. Quality Control boasts notable acts like City GirlsLil BabyLil Yachty.

Megan Thee Stallion

Young Thug

Fetty Wap

City Girls

Lil Baby

Lil Yachty

Pierre Thomas‘ announcement came just days after reports began circulating that 300 Entreatment was exploring a $400 million sale. Although details are not known, it appears that enough speculation was generated to speculate about the matter.

Pierre‘s interest! Representatives for 300 Entertainment do not appear to have publicly acknowledged the tweet, and Pierre Thomas He has not even addressed the issue since his initial statement that he wanted to buy the company.

This news comes five months later Pierre turned 40. He celebrated the occasion at a star-studded event that was attended also by Quality Control acts.

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