Princess Diana’s ‘Devastating’ Pre-Wedding Confession, Prince Charles’ Climate Controversy And More Royal News

Each week brings new royal news. This past week was full of scandals, feuds and revelations about dearly deceased royal members. 

A new docuseries reveals never-before-seen secrets of the night before Princess Diana Prince CharlesThey were married, including the heartbreaking confession that the heir to power made to his soon to be bride. 

In other news, Prince Charles’ well-known passion for environmental issues has come back to bite him according to one columnist, who went so far as to call the Prince of Wales “out of touch” with the common people. 

The Atlantic is also visible from the other side. Meghan Markle’sThe father continues his tirade of negative comments against his daughter, son-in law, and includes new details about his plans to sue them for access to their grandchildren. 

We won’t tease you with the scandalous details any longer. Let’s get right into the need-to-know royal news that’s gripping us this week. 

Friend Of Princess Diana Says Prince Charles Made ‘Devastating’ Confession Before Wedding

(Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images).

Princess Diana’s former astrologer is speaking out about the late royal’s relationship with Prince Charles as part of a new docuseries covering Diana’s life. Apparently, Diana’s 15-year marriage to the Prince of Wales was doomed from the very beginning once Charles made a shocking and “devastating” confession on the eve of their wedding. 

Here’s what Charles allegedly told Diana to make her reconsider the marriage.

Thomas Markle Reveals He’s Talked With ‘Many Lawyers’ About Seeing Grandkids

Meghan Markle in a navy jacket with Prince Harry in a navy suit
(Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Thomas Markle is causing trouble for his son-in-law and daughter-in-law again thanks to a recent Good Morning BritainInterview. During the talk, Thomas revealed that he’s already spoken with “many lawyers” concerning his attempts to meet his grandchildren Archie and baby Lilibet Diana. 

During this update on his feuding with the Sussexes he also made some rude remarks at Prince Harry. You can read it here.

Prince Charles Criticized for Response to Controversial London Protests

Prince Charles wears a brown suit and colorful tie outdoors at a royal event
(Mircea Rosca/

A series of eco-protests rocked the city of London recently and Prince Charles’ seeming lackluster response has one columnist in a rage. The writer went so far as to say Charles comes across as “an interesting though dotty professor who is worryingly out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.”

What did Charles say in order to elicit this response? Click here to learn more.

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