Princess Beatrice Allegedly Snubbed Sarah Ferguson As The Family Feuds Over Andrew, Sketchy Source Says

Is it? Princess BeatriceFights with her mother Sarah Ferguson? One tabloid claims the York family is divided over Prince Andrew’s sexual assault scandal. Let’s check in on the Yorks.

Princess Beatrice ‘Snubs’ Sarah Ferguson?

A recent edition Neue Idea reports Princess Beatrice wasn’t feeling very warm towards her mother Sarah Ferguson on her birthday last month. As Ferguson hit the town with her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, she was “red-faced” when Beatrice failed to show up. “There was no reason why Beatrice couldn’t be there,” an insider dishes.

Beatrice was quickly defended by some, who pointed out that she had just had a baby. But the tabloid reminds readers that she’s managed to go out for a slew of other occasions since giving birth. “It seems very telling that Bea would avoid such an important occasion,” the source remarks, referencing the lawsuit her father Prince Andrew is facing at the moment.

“There have been a lot of disagreements and they’ve always patched things up, but a birthday no-show is a real shock,” the tipster confides. “Beatrice and Fergie’s battle over where to draw the loyalty lines with Andrew in public has hit tipping point since he was served [with the sexual assault lawsuit]. Beatrice is very angry at her father.”

A ‘York Family Divide’ Emerging?

There’s absolutely nothing to suggest there’s any tension between the Yorks. Despite the testimony of unnamed “sources” speculating about how Beatrice might be upset with her mother, there’s not a shred of evidence to prove it. In fact, it’s completely pointless to speculate about Ferguson’s birthday plans since we have no idea why Beatrice didn’t go out with her mother.

It’s totally possible she wanted to go out, but something came up. She does have a newborn at home, and making a rare outing doesn’t change the fact there’s a pandemic going on. There’s no telling what was going on in her personal life at the time. Perhaps she privately wished her mother happy birthday in her own way. Or maybe, Ferguson and Eugenie’s casual night out was totally unplanned and last-minute. The truth is, absolutely anything is possible, and there’s no reason to automatically assume there’s any tension between Beatrice and her mother.

The Tabloid About Princess Beatrice

We wouldn’t trust anything Neue Idea What Princess Beatrice thought. The tabloid reported earlier this year that Beatrice was moving to Italy. Then the magazine alleged Beatrice was “heartbroken” after Meghan Markle stole her choice of baby name. The outlet also reported that Beatrice was fighting with Princess Eugenie. Obviously, Neue Idea isn’t trustworthy when it comes to the York family.