Prince William, Kate Middleton Reeling After Meghan Markle’s ‘Cruel Attack’ On Them?

Were Prince WilliamAnd Kate MiddletonYou left a wreck Prince Harry And Meghan Markle‘s latest attack? One tabloid claims that there is a growing rift between the Sussexes, the Cambridges, and the Sussexes. Here’s what we know about the feuding families.

The Sussexes Launch ‘Cruel Attack’ On the Cambridges?

Back in May Neue Idea reported Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ruined Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tenth wedding anniversary. After a dark time of grief for Prince Philip, the Cambridges were hoping for a peaceful and quiet day. However, Markle threw a wrench in their plans. Harry and William may have gotten along at Prince Philip’s funeral, but the peace was short-lived. Markle was apparently enraged by the whole thing, and Middleton was the centre of it.

“It wasn’t long after Harry had dropped his bags in the hall back in Santa Barbara, LA, that word reached Kate and William that Meghan was flipping out,” an insider dishes. “She’s furious that yet again, Kate has come out of a family event smelling like roses for apparently bringing the brothers back together, while Meghan copped column after column of press accusations that she tried to overshadow Prince Philip’s funeral.”

Shortly before Philip’s funeral, sources revealed that Markle left a wreath and handwritten note for the ceremony in St. George’s Chapel. What might have been a kind gesture left a bad taste in the tabloid’s mouth. “The rest of the family kept their personal touches private — but Meghan clearly couldn’t stand not being the topic of conversation in the press,” an insider snapped.

Now that Harry is back in her grasps, the Cambridges are able to say their farewells. “[Markle] had to have been feeling nervous about how quickly Harry was drawn back into the fold without her there,” the insider revealed. “But she holds the trump card as the mother of his children. William and Kate heard Meghan has halted any progress they made together with Harry. They will be very upset.”

Meghan Markle Ruins Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Anniversary?

After looking into the story, we found that the tabloid’s claims were simply untrue. Let’s unpack this. According to the tabloid, Markle was receiving bad press but was mad at Kate Middleton. The tabloid then completely scrapped the story and spent the rest of the article adding insult to injury to Markle. This article is a total hack job and was written with one goal: to demonize Markle.

First, William and Middleton seemed like they had a wonderful anniversary. They also had beautiful portraits created for the occasion.

And since Philip’s funeral, things have been relatively civil between the Sussexes and Cambridges. The Cambridges congratulated Lilibet and the Sussexes for their baby girl in June.

Harry flew back to the UK in July for the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Princess Diana. That event was a joint effort between Harry and William, so it’s obvious they’re not estranged.

The idea that the Sussexes are against each other is a tired and worn out narrative. No family is perfect, and we’re sure they’ve had their fair share of disagreements. But it’s clear that at the end of the day, they wish each other the best.

The Tabloid on Meghan Markle

But we wouldn’t trust anything Neue Idea Markle, according to Markle. Back in June, the tabloid claims Markle stole her daughter’s name from Princess Beatrice. Then the magazine alleged Markle banned the royals from her daughter’s christening. And more recently, the tabloid reported Markle had a meltdown after not receiving an invite to Barack Obama’s birthday party. Evidently, Neue Idea Meghan Markle is getting it.