Prince William, Kate Middleton Have Baby No. 4 On The Way?

Are you Prince William Kate MiddletonThey are expecting their fourth child together. One tabloid’s cover story claims the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expanding their brood. Let’s check in on the royals’ baby plans.

‘Baby On The Way’ For Prince William And Kate Middleton?

This week OK! According to reports, Kate Middleton is keeping a very secretive secret from Prince William. “They’ve been acting so excited lately, and the buzz is that Kate could be three months along already — with a girl!” an inside source dishes. The news was shared with their children by the Cambridges. “They’ve told the kids they should expect a sibling soon. They can’t wait — especially Charlotte, who will finally have a little sister.”

The tabloid suggests that Middleton was suffering from severe morning sickness. “She was experiencing nausea just weeks ago that appeared to cause her weight to drop somewhere around 96 pounds,” an insider confides. “But she’s feeling much better now and looks radiant.” Despite her struggle with nausea, both she and William are ecstatic about welcoming their fourth child.

Queen Elizabeth was thrilled to hear the news. “Kate and William were so happy to be able to give her something to celebrate in the midst of her health crisis,” the source muses. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were the last ones to hear of their pregnancy.

“That had to do more with the difference in time zones, but word has gotten back that they were a little miffed to be so far down the chain of communication.” But still, the Cambridges are optimistic. “Kate and William still hope to see the day that they can put their differences with the Sussexes aside and see all of their children happily playing together.”

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Despite the detailed account from the tabloid’s insider, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest Middleton is pregnant. While everyone would no doubt rejoice in the news of a fourth Cambridge child, we seriously doubt this “insider” has the intel they claim. The royals keep their private lives away from prying eyes. It’s highly unlikely anyone close to the Cambridges is leaking such sensitive information to the tabloids.

Middleton, then, is honest. could be pregnant — that’s not the outlandish claim here. What’s ridiculous is the suggestion that a random tabloid rat has this level of sensitive information about the royals. And since the magazine couldn’t help but take a dig at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s obvious this is royal gossip and nothing more.

The Tabloid on Royal Babies

This wouldn’t be the first time OK! The tabloid raised a false alarm that Middleton was pregnant. The tabloid had predicted Middleton was pregnant in 2018 with her fourth child. The tabloid then reported that Middleton was pregnant in 2019 with twins. In September, the tabloid attempted to claim Middleton pregnant again. Obviously, the outlet isn’t reliable when it comes to the Cambridge family.