Prince Harry Warned To Pick Princess Diana Or Netflix After Allegedly Offensive Portrayal Of Her

Prince HarryYou have two options: Netflix or Princess Diana. One report says he’s facing pressure over the decision to stick with the streaming giant with a distasteful season of The CrownIn the works. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘It’s Money or Your Mom’

According to Woman’s Day, Harry is facing immense pressure to rip up his and Meghan Markle’s megabucks contract because the next season of The CrownHe may not have been able to respect his mother. Jemima Khan, a close friend of the Princess of Wales, recently announced that she would no longer work as a script consultant for the show because its portrayal of her is “disrespectful.”

Diana’s family is now turning the screws on the Duke of Sussex. A family insider says, “The Spencers are horrified at how Diana’s being presented… they’ve made it clear Harry needs to intervene and if things aren’t toned down and made more respectful, he should cut ties.” A pal outlines Harry’s dilemma: He “needs Netflix more than they need him… and Meghan won’t ever agree to quitting that much cash.”

What’s Really Going On With The Sussexes

Meghan Markle agreed to quit considerably more cash when she and Harry left England for the United States, but that’s neither here nor there. The pressure in this story is a figment of the tabloid’s imagination.

Khan raised concerns about the disrespectful portrayal of Harry, but she didn’t mention Harry. Similarly, Diana’s brother Charles SpencerHe has not publicly attacked his nephew. He’s expressed unease with the show and its “invention,” but hasn’t attacked Harry for getting that bag.

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No, it’s not the Spencers who hate Harry. It’s the tabloid. Gossip CopThis story has been told many times over. One of the projects being worked on by the Sussexes is a documentary on the Invictus Games. It is an international sporting event that he founded to inspire wounded veterans.

Diana was a philanthropist too, so he’s living up to her memory by continuing her vision of the world. Is there anything you consider disrespectful to the late princess? To attack her son by invoking her name

Other Baseless Attacks

Woman’s Day has no insight into Harry’s life, as it proves time and time again. Last year, it claimed Harry and Markle had their “worst fight ever.” They didn’t break up as the cover promised. Gossip CopAlso, the cover story that Markle planned a Diana documentary was debunked. There is no such document.

This outlet also claimed Prince Charles was trying for custody of baby Archie. The Sussex attacks are carried out on a weekly schedule and have no basis in reality. This is a completely false story. Harry is not being attacked.