Prince Harry Allegedly Begging To Rejoin Royal Family, Asking Charles For Forgiveness, Royal Gossip Says

Prince HarryHe has been living in America for two year. He and Meghan Markle’s public split from the royal family enraptured folks all over the world. Rumors now insist that he’s apologizing to Prince CharlesIn a desperate attempt to return home. Here are some stories Gossip CopHarry going home has been disproven.

Begging For Forgiveness

Per Neue Idea, Queen Elizabeth’s ailing health brought Charles and Harry back together. The cover depicted Harry beside the quote “I’m so happy to be home!” He supposedly wanted the queen to meet her namesake Lilibet Diana, but he first had to make amends with his father. A source explained the queen “knows that if Charles and Harry forgive each other, Prince William is more likely to forgive his brother, too.”

This story was a fabrication. The cover was a photo taken in 2013 and edited. The cover was an edited photo taken in 2013. Harry didn’t return to England at the time.

Return Offer on The Table

It was a success this time OK!Harry claimed Elizabeth would be ill and that this would mend the relationship between Harry and his family. He planned to return home for Christmas, but Markle was unable to convince him to go. A source said, “Meghan once said she would never set foot in the UK again after how she was treated by The Firm… and no one thinks she would let Archie or Lili out of her sight for even five minutes, so it’s likely Harry would make the trip alone.”

This story was false, even though it depicted Harry as optimistic and wishing for happiness. Markle and Harry did not return to England for Christmas so this was not Markle bashing.

Trapped In ‘Living Nightmare’

The National EnquirerAccording to reports, Harry was asking his family for permission to return home. His relationship with Markle was a nightmare. “Harry’s apparently found the grass isn’t greener across the Atlantic,” an insider said. “He wants to rejoin the royal fold.” While Charles was beginning to thaw, Elizabeth was a tougher cookie to reconnect with.

Harry and Elizabeth have never had a problem with each other. He has praised his daughter at every opportunity and even named her after her. This alone would have been enough to end the story. Harry and Markle attended the Super Bowl together just a week after this story, so they’re out here living their best life. He’s settled into California, so this whole narrative is baseless.

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