Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles’ Alleged ‘Secret Son’ Speaks Out

A man from Queensland claims to be the secret father of a man. Camilla Parker Bowles Prince CharlesA letter was written to his grandmother, whom he suspects to be the author of the open letter Queen Elizabeth. In the letter, the 55-year-old man claimed he and his family were experiencing harassment and “racial abuse” and insisted that the 95-year-old monarch was well aware of it. As the man continues to lobby Australian courts for a paternity test and Charles’ DNA, he ended his letter to the queen on a troubling note. 

Man Claims To Have Hidden British Heir

Simon Dorante Day, a 55 year-old man from Australia, claimed to be the secret father of Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles. Dorante-Day was born in England in 1965 and was adopted by Australia as a child. He claims that his adoptive grandmother repeatedly told him growing up that he was the firstborn son to the Prince of Wales (now-wife Parker Bowles). 

Dorante Day claims that he was the result a 1965 affair between them, which also coincided in Parker Bowles disappearing from public life after allegedly disappearing for nine months. This was when Dorante-Day claims his adoptive grandmother, who’d worked as Queen Elizabeth’s house staff at the time, offered to have her daughter adopt him from Parker Bowles. 

Take the matter to court

Dorante-Day has decided to back up his claims by petitioning the family court in his home state of Queensland, Australia for a paternity test using Prince Charles’ DNA. As he prepared his request for the court, Dorante-Day wrote Queen Elizabeth an open letter addressing her as “Dear Aka Lilibet (Your Majesty).” 

An Open Letter to His (Alleged Granny) Granny

He wrote that he hopes to find her “well and in good health,” though he noted that he had noticed “of late you haven’t felt 100%. I take solace in the fact that you’re stronger than what they think.” He continued, “My wife, Dr. Elvianna, the children, and I are approaching you in this open letter to ask you publicly how much of this abuse do you expect us to endure, and for how long?” 

He and his wife, who is Aboriginal, “know that you are watching all of what we are enduring and so is my Father,” meaning Prince Charles. “You also know the truth and how easily I can expose all of this,” Dorante-Day added. 

A Concerning Portion

Near the end of the letter came a concerning bit which read, “You also know, as does my Father, what we are like and what we will do. You also need to know what we can do and where we will go. You know, as do I, the truth about the Day family and what really transpired.” 

Dorante-Day signed the letter, “Warm Regards, Simon Charles Dorante-Day (Your First-born grandchild).” The full letter can be read here. It’s unclear, of course, exactly how this case will play out in court if Dorante-Day’s petition is accepted. Either way, it plays out, hopefully, he gets the answers he’s been looking for.